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Join our Q & A session tonight between 7 and 8pm to chat LIVE with our Smokefree advisers. Ask your questions about stopping smoking and get some tips and advice on staying smokefree!
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This Thursday, our fabulous Smokefree advisers will be here LIVE to answer any questions you may have about quitting smoking. More details to follow, so keep an eye on the page!
Every cigarette rots you from the inside out. Quit today with free NHS Smokefree support po.st/SForganic
Quit smoking for your loved ones this new year. Join now po.st/SForganic
Say goodbye to smoking this New Year with free NHS Smokefree support po.st/SForganic
You can save loads of cash if you quit smoking, over Β£3,000 a year if you smoke a packet a day! Visit po.st/SForganic
Did you know over 2 million people have used our quit kit to help them stop smoking? You can get yours here po.st/SForganic
Our first Q & A of 2017! Have a question about stopping smoking and staying #smokefree? Ask us in the comments section below!
Join our Q & A this evening at 6:30pm to ask questions about staying #smokefree in 2017. Our experts are on hand to give you information and support to help you achieve your stop smoking goals! #resolutions
Need some extra support and advice to help you stop smoking in 2017? Join our Q & A session on Tuesday the 3rd of January at 6:30pm!
However you choose to quit this year, we're here to help you every step of the way
Every 15 cigarettes you smoke will cause a mutation that can lead to cancer. Quit today with our help and advice, search Smokefree online po.st/SForganic

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Happy 2017! Millions have used Smokefree support to help them stop smoking. Join them and choose from an app, Quit Kit, texts and emails. po.st/SForganic

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Is quitting smoking one of your New Year's resolutions? Mark quit with our help and support and you can too! po.st/SForganic
Did you know that smoking doubles your chance of a heart attack? So these children designed their own cigarette packets to encourage people to quit this New Year > [ Po.st Link ]
We hope you had a great day yesterday. Hit 'like' if you avoided smoking.
Keeping busy is a great way to distract yourself from smoking, however, you can’t be run off your feet every day. What helps you stay smokefree on a quiet day?
It's the longest night tonight already. If you want to be smokefree next summer, now is the time to start planning! Visit our website to find out how we can help: [ Nhs.uk Link ]

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Finances feeling a bit tight after the Christmas shopping? Visit our website to see how much money you could save by stopping smoking: [ Nhs.uk Link ]

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Some people find it difficult to sleep when stopping smoking, share your tips for a good night's sleep.