Made a Paddys day playlist on Vevo. watch it here [ Link ]
Horrific piano player but have enough for what i need it for . Sorry to all pianists out there .
Recently I received my first plaque for 'This Town' alongside the people who make it easy for me to do what I love . Ash , Michelle , richard and steve . When ash and steve heard the songs I'd been writing , they immediately believed in the project and what i was trying to do . When I released 'This Town' I wasn't expecting it to go on the run it has done and now we're here with a plaque and...
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Went to the office for a Modest Golf meeting and this piece of beauty had arrived. Thanks again to everyone that voted for me to win People's Choice Awards
I’m playing my part for #WorldCancerDay on the 4th of Feb by wearing my Unity Band, because every #ActofUnity will help Cancer Research UK to do research into a cure and try beat cancer sooner so Get yours now!
Well that's something to wake up to . thank you so much for voting for me , I really appreciate it .. amazing
I'm performing from the Billboard Hollywood party on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve tonight ! Can't wait .
Gona miss the jingle ball tour . Was really good fun. great atmosphere amongst the artists backstage and even better atmosphere in the arena. . It was amazing to perform my song for thousands of you in the cities I went to , thank you for being so nice to me . It did feel like a bit of an anticlimax when the song was finished as I would have loved to have just played the whole album to you but...
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Performed 'This Town' on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. cheers for having me , loved it

Niall Horan: This Town
Gonna be performing from the Billboard Hollywood party on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve !
if you like the tune and you haven't got it ,get on Apple Music and buy it for only 69cents [ Link ]

This Town - Single by Niall Horan
Here's the lyric video for 'This Town' . check it out on Vevo [ Link ]

This Town (Lyric Video) - Niall Horan
thank you to all the fans who nominate me for a People's Choice Awards ! Really means a lot to me ! if ya want you can vote for me here [ Link ]