Nick Cannon
02/22/2017 at 20:13. Facebook
Dope Art #SikhLife
Nick Cannon
02/20/2017 . Facebook
#SpokenSundays #Flags #poetry
A piece of fabric
A Quasi symbolized representation for battle
Wave it at them, when you win
Waving at them in the wind
In the end , if you lose, wave the white one
The right one
Cuz white is always right huh?
Red white and blue
That's the one we like huh?
But when they flag flew
Make you wanna fight huh?
That's a red flag
blood stained...
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Nick Cannon
02/19/2017 at 20:35. Facebook
#SpokenSundays #HisStory #poetry
His story
His story
His story
His story is BLACK!
His story is Blue.
His story is Me.
His story is You.
His story is real.
His story is true.
His story is written by the winners.
His story is not a holiday
His story is not Thanksgiving
His story is shared over last suppers and first dinners
His story sits next to legends
His story is...
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Nick Cannon
02/19/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
#SpokenSundays #HowManyDoesItTake #poetry
It’s whole bunch of niggas in the club but how many niggas does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
1 nigga alone could be in the zone but
2 niggas could screw you
Too loud, 3 is a crowd
But 4 is a crew
Now slow down 5
They runnin’ through the 6, my nigga woah
Snow White know that 7 little niggas is dwarfs
Growth stunted by a society’s force
When 8 is...
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#SpokenSunday #RealProblems #poetry

Real Problems
196 countries in the world and
I bet you think ours is the best

Real Problems
If your answer is yes
then I guess you don’t regret
the NPT Treaty and all the nuclear tests

Real Problems
You probably more focused on Trump
and all his White House guests

Real Problems
What’s in his cabinet?
But have you ever seen a real China set?
Better yet...
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