Welcome to the world, Golden! Congrats, Nick Cannon!!

'True Happiness': Nick Cannon Shows Off New Son Golden

Our boy Chico Bean is back on Worldstar Hip Hop's Worldstar TV tonight at 11/10c on MTV2. Check him out.
Thursday nights are litty again. Wild 'N Out returns March 2nd on MTV!

Wild 'N Out returns Thursday, March 2nd on MTV!
That old school fool Chico Bean is back at it w/ some new school advice on today's "holiday".
Something WILD is headed your way tomorrow. Be ready...
Don't miss Chico Bean and Burpie on Worldstar Hip Hop's Worldstar TV! Turn to MTV2 in 30 min!
Do you have the rapping and comedy chops to hold your own on the Wild ’N Out stage? Send us your social media links and videos showing us what you got! All submissions can be emailed to wildnoutcasting@viacommix.com.
Worldstar Hip Hop's Worldstar TV and All Def Digital ADD TV hit MTV2 tonight at 11/10c and 11:30/10:30c. Tune in!
lmk not MLK. Watch Chico Bean and Johnny Bananas go at it again. Catch the "Mancation Showdown" today at 11am on MTV!
Watch our boy Chico Bean face off against Johnny Bananas in the "Mancation Showdown" today and tomorrow at 11am on MTV!
Here's to another WILD year!
Glad to see you're doing better. We're ready to go boss! Nick Cannon

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New Years Resolution #12: Learn to play an instrument.
Happy Holidays from the 'Wild 'N Out' crew!
Take a look back at your favorite moments from 'Wild 'N Out' this year.