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"I believe that God has put gifts and talents and ability on the inside of every one of us. When you develop that and you believe in yourself and you believe that you're a person of influence and a person of purpose, I believe you can rise up out of any situation." —Joel Osteen Ministries

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There can be no true fulfillment in life unless we live with Christ at the center of it. -LWL Team
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"Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently." —Henry Ford

Question: Is what you're doing going to produce the things you want out of life, or do you feel stuck where you're at?
Thought via Zig Ziglar blog [ Link ]

Ziglar Inc - Are You Growing?
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Have you entered our Attitude is Altitude featured blog contest yet? We are just one week away from selecting a winner. Thankfully, it's not too late to enter!
Simply choose from one of three pre-selected prompts.

Prompt 1 What motivates you to get through your Monday?
Prompt 2 Three secrets to success/to goal-setting and sticking with them.
Prompt 3 If you were in front of 1,000 people,...
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Much gratitude and many blessings for those who participated in December's Matching Gift Campaign! Your support and prayers are what keep us going :) - LWL Team
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Are you living a free life today? If not, what's holding you back?
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Push yourself to be the BEST in all you do. Life won't always be a walk in the park. Things won't always go in your favor. But as long as you stay persistent in working hard, even when the light at the end of the tunnel isn't in sight, slowly but surely it will start to appear. We promise you'll love the results! ⚡ -Attitude is Altitude Team
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Originality speaks volumes to success. Life is too short to be someone you're not. Be you...everyone else is already taken! Attitude is Altitude Team
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Are you living a FEARLESS life?
If you're not, what's stopping you?! Life is short—live life without REGRET, mate!

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Your future is in YOUR hands. What are you doing with it? ???? -Attitude is Altitude Team
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"We believe that Jesus has made His home in our hearts, and as long as we carry Him there, God's love will keep our love strong no matter where we are.” —Love Without Limits ❤✨

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With 2017 in full swing, we are excited for what this year holds for us. We couldn't do it without your support! -LWL Team
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INFUSE your life with action.
Don't wait for it to happen.
Make it happen! -Attitude is Altitude Team
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Being in love is a transformation, heart and soul. Being in love with Christ means sometimes going places you don't want to go. This Valentine's Day we encourage you to show love toward the one who first loved you. -LWL Team
Happy Valentine's day, friends!
Love is a beautiful thing. Even more beautiful, is the love of Christ. When we were still sinners, He extended grace and love, even if our lives still looked "messy" on the outside. I hope today you feel appreciated and loved by your friends and family, but most importanly, by Jesus. ❤
AIA is excited to announce the launch of our featured blog contest! From today until Tuesday, February 28th, we will be receiving blog submissions on one of three pre-selected prompts.

Prompt 1 What motivates you to get through your Monday?
Prompt 2 Three secrets to success/goal-setting and sticking with them.
Prompt 3 If you were in front of 1,000 people, what would you say?

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Choose to trust in the one who is making all things new. -LWL Team
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