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01/13/2017 at 18:10. Facebook
Big news is coming. Sign up for our email list to be the first to hear about new music, tour dates and more: [ Bit.ly Link ] #NB2017
01/12/2017 at 22:44. Facebook
Chad & Ryan have their money on the table...working from home has its perks.
01/12/2017 at 00:13. Facebook
Studio Fridge Essentials.
Pretty sexy looking heads, and they sound rad
Thank you Santa for stopping at Gibson for Chad & Ryan this year. Two brand new #J200s for #NB2017
This was the guitar that 'How You Remind Me', 'Hero' and 'Too Bad' were all written on. And for those of you keeping score; that guitar is currently in a studio. Which, is where we are. Lots of fun stuff on the way! #NB2017
It's about to get loud in here. Time to go to work Daniel Adair. #NB2017
Thank you Minnesota State Fair for having us. Can't wait to be a part of this great event & see all our friends in that part of the world. #NB2017
Bass madness studio essentials: Trace Elliot, Diamond Pedals, Empress Effects, BOSS, Voodoo Lab, and Monster Cables. And beer by: #RedRacer
Headphones βœ…. Guitar βœ…. Studio βœ…. New music: on the way. #NB2017
When we had the distinct honour to meet one of the greatest sporting icons ever & a truly, humble soul. #DavidBeckham #TBT
Happy Halloween everyone.
62 days, 29 shows, 1,000's of miles, over 300k amazing friends & 1 final farewell. Europe, you were amazing & we miss you so much already!
Every now & then you meet someone that lifts you up. We were lucky enough to do so tonite. Meet Joe. We're so honoured to call him a friend.
Cheers Ireland! We had a heavenly visit to your island. One more pint for the road! -MK #NBEurope2016 #NBIreland #Guinness
Daniel spending some time on the Game of Thrones set!
Ryan & Daniel enjoying some beer & live music in Mauerpark in Berlin a few days ago!
Take a look behind the scenes of the tour thanks to Ziggo!
All Twitter VIP's are filled in Warsaw. But be on the lookout for upgrades at the show tonite! This guy would like to see you get VIP. #EuropeCloseNow
Europe: Mike wants to see you up close. Be on the lookout for a #EuropeCloseNow envelope & you're VIP. #NBEurope2016