I have an everlasting name, but I am a type of grain. My protein is gluten-free so everyone can eat me. What am I? #ispynutrition
Behind the scenes filming for #patienteducation #familiesfirst #whattoexpect
Here are some helpful tips to protect your baby's sensitive skin, brought to you by KidzStuff (tag KidzStuff [ Facebook.com Link ]: 1. Be conscious of fabrics in your child's clothes. 2. Always test the temperature of the water before bathing your baby to ensure it is not too warm. 3. Use soap made for sensitive skin and make shampooing the last item on the bathing list so your child isn't...
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Una dieta sana y balanceada se debe comenzar desde la infancia para prevenir la obesidad juvenil.
Nuestra Dietista/Nutricionista Registrada Stephanie Uscategui nos informara sobre la manera adecuada de alimentar a nuestros hijos en Contigo en la Comunidad por Univision 23 Miami mañana a las 11 a.m.
Did you know Nicklaus Children's offers a volunteer to work program for BSN graduates that have recently obtained their RN license? Visit NicklausChildrens.org/volunteer for more information and how to get involved

Volunteer & Community Service | Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Hide the Veggies #NationalNutritionMonth #GiveMe5
The Nicklaus Children's Dental Mobile Unit provides free dental screenings for children who do not have dental insurance. Click on the link to learn more about tomorrow's location.

Nicklaus Children's Dental Mobile Unit | Nicklaus Children's Hospital

"Miami Children's Health System's ultimate goal is to be known as a center of innovation and to attract the right talent to Nicklaus Children's and this community," says MCHS CEO Dr. Narendra Kini in Miami Herald [ Miamiherald.com Link ]

A health system bets big on Miami’s future in health-tech

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Learn more about the Nicklaus Children's Miramar Outpatient Center, located at Miramar square nicklauschildrens.org/miramar

Miramar Pediatric Urgent Care | Nicklaus Children's Hospital

The Pediatric Postgraduate Course (PPGC) at Nicklaus Children's offers virtual participation. Here is a glimpse of a group of physicians tuned in all the way from Dr. Javier Ferreyro's pediatric clinic in Lima, Peru as they take part in the 52nd PPGC. #continuedmedicaleducation #CME #oneofthelargestpedsconferences #NicklausChildrens
#PatientSafetyAwarenessWeek Tip 8: Be prepared when going home. When your child is ready to go home from the hospital, make certain you know what medications and/or treatments your child will need once home. Also ask when your child will need to follow up appointment. #SafetyFirst #ShareSafety
At just 17 years old, Tonaly was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a condition that kept her in the hospital for almost three months. Thanks to the treatment she received at Nicklaus Children’s, Tonaly no longer experiences the strong pains she once did, and with the help of Lisa, a child life specialist, she developed the strength to face her condition head-on. #ChildLifeMonth

August patient of the month: Tonaly | Nicklaus Children's Hospital

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#PatientSafetyAwarenessWeek Tip 7: Know the Meds. Ask for the names of the medications your child is receiving in the hospital and how they are expected to help your child. Caregivers will check your child's identification band before giving a medication to make certain the correct medication is being given. #SafetyFirst #ShareSafety
Make fruits and veggies fun by incorporating dips such as greek yogurt, hummus or peanut butter #GiveMe5 #NationalNuritionMonth
We'd like to congratulate Dr. Leonard Feld, president of Pediatric Specialists of America (PSA) and a pediatric nephrologist, on the publication of "Succinct Pediatrics: Evaluation and Management for Infectious Diseases and Dermatologic Disorders," the latest installment in the Succinct Pediatrics series he co-edits with Dr. John D. Mahan.

Succinct Pediatrics: Evaluation and Management for Infectious Diseases and Dermatologic Disorders [ - AAP

Did you know that athletes returning to sport require a gradual step-by-step increase in physical exertion that tests the readiness of the brain to return to normal game play? For more information or to schedule an appointment with the Nicklaus Children's Concussion and Brain Injury Clinic, please call 786-268-1789

Brain Injury & Concussions in Children | Nicklaus Children's Hospital