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Look at these, and realize you're having a better day than all of them! That's something right! SEE!!! POSITIVITY!! :) #GOTEAM

16 People Who Are Having The Worst Day
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I don't know about you guys, but I think we went from makeup to accentuate things and be artistic, to a race of drag queens with evil villain brows. Let's laugh at fails together. :)

Hilarious Beauty Expectations Vs. Reality
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This ladies and gentlemen is what you call a winner!!!! Smooth as his own damn head... (slow clap)
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Here's what we did with all your clicks yesterday!!
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These are the kind funny that if you said it out loud your best friend would laugh, but your family would call you an idiot.

16 People Who Are Just Kinda Hopeless Today
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What the hell am I gonna do with that gross vomit yellow colour? Gimmie two black ones in the pack and stop fucking around!
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How Social Media is Killing Your Relationship
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All my texts are hilarious texts... and not on purpose. I just text the wrong person a lot.
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16 Hilarious Texts That The Day Wouldn't Feel Complete Without
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Random nonsense to fill your day with LOL's. You're welcome! :)

23 Funny Fresh Pics That That Flipped-Turned My Life Upside Down
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K this is straight funny.
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16 People With No Shame In Their Game
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20 People Who Just Don't Care...Period
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Smart asses, are my favourite asses. Other than actual donkeys because Shrek needed a friend and there he was!

23 People Who Just Can't Help It
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Bahhhhahaha nosey neighbours 0, taquito 1!
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I saw a half car, half bad ass tricycle today that looked like it's from Mad Max, just crusing around like it's no big deal... here's other strange things!

23 Double-Take Pictures That Need A Second Look
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Never pass up an opportunity to mess with someone!!! It means you like them!! :)

23 Times The World Was Just Messin' With Ya
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OLD STAND UP ALERT!! LOL, going through old stuff and found this. First stand up show I ever did where I was on the flyer! As painful as it is to watch... I still like this joke! LOL
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If you're breaking up with an ass... might as well do it with fire!

15 Savage Breakup Texts That Are Way Too Funny
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I'm sure I use most things wrong, but if Ariel can use a fork as a hair brush I can too!

21 Things In Your Home You May Have Been Using Wrong Your Entire Life
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Life... is all about perspective

It's All About Perspective