Nicole Kidman
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"People can tell you what to do, but ultimately, we're all going to die, so how do you want to live?" - Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman
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"I'm interested in going places that I haven’t been. And I’m interesting in working with people that I feel are dangerous and sort of push me in different places.” - Nicole Kidman
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"The power of work, and the power of creativity, can be your salvation." - Nicole Kidman
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Nicole Kidman
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Nicole Kidman
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“You're either going to walk through life and experience it fully or you're going to be a voyeur. And I'm not a voyeur.” - Nicole Kidman
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"I have always been a very big dreamer..." - Nicole Kidman, DuJour
Nicole Kidman
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“I’m now so much more capable of receiving love and giving it in a far different way.” - Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman
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"My path was to be an actor and it’s been very good to me in life. It’s broadened my horizons and given me a lot of gifts." - Nicole Kidman, Festival de Cannes
"I'm a person that carries everything that happened to me in my past, with me into the future. I refuse to let it make me bitter. I still completely believe in love and I remain open to anything that will happen to me." – Nicole Kidman
"You want to take some responsibility for you choices so that it sets the groundwork for that next generation of actresses." - Nicole Kidman
“I think a woman of that era who goes to live like that is an unusual, extraordinary person and I’m so glad that I got the chance to explore her for a portion of her life.” - Nicole Kidman
“It’s the desire to study the human condition, the desire for collaboration, to learn and absorb, and to lead a well-examined life.” - Nicole Kidman
“I think as an actor, as a director, as a writer, as an artist, there is no formula. It's about saying, "OK, I'm willing to take a risk and I don't care if I lose everything, because what is all this worth if I don't have my integrity and free spirit?" – Nicole Kidman
"I'm not a big fan of sitting around, saying what I'm going to do. And we've all got brilliant ways of ducking and weaving so that we don't have to do it. But my thing is to just get it on its feet and do it." - Nicole Kidman
“I believe that as much as you take, you have to give back. It’s important not to focus on yourself too much.” - Nicole Kidman
"With every character, you alter, you can’t be attached to your own identity." – Nicole Kidman
I was afraid of my own power, afraid that it would threaten people, intimidate people. And it's a great sadness wishing to be less than you actually are. And it's hard to take on the world when you're constantly in a battle with yourself. I worked through it ... I’m working through it. - Nicole Kidman
“To appreciate the success you have to have had the failures. You have to accept that it is a journey and its not just tomorrow or the next day or next year.” - Nicole Kidman
"Life has got all those twists and turns. You've got to hold on tight and off you go." - Nicole Kidman