Nicole Marie Jean
03/19/2017 at 17:48. Facebook
Meow I'll be at the Merrow in San Diego on March 25 for Digital Lizards of Doom's DC Party. Come out and party! Link below for more info. Photo by Cosplay by TLP Media. Cowl by Reevzfx
Happy St Patrick's Day and flashback Friday. Showing off a little green for the holiday and bringing back an old photo of one of my first Poison Ivy costumes from 4-5 years ago (I've done about 8 to date). ☘
Dubai! I'm heading your way in a couple weeks!
Baby-faced, artichoke boobed, red headed warrior cosplay. Made by me. Photo by Ernesto Javier Photography. This was at MegaCon many moons ago. I'll be back this year
Warriors of Mandalore
Getting lots of work done today. I've been awfully sick! Going to make some new costumes for my trip to Ireland at the end of the month. Can't wait for K-Con!
Everything Keltonfx. does is perfection.

Seriously, his costumes, sculpts, art, make-up are god tier. Such an inspiration.
Atreyu and I are excited for CATaclysm, an RPG for entry level and experienced players alike! Choose your cat. Choose your weapon. And fight for honour, glory, and your ball of yarn. CATaclysm places the world in the capable paws of our favorite fur-balls in this easy to learn roleplaying game. Akinji Entertainment brings a game for cat lovers and roleplaying enthusiasts alike. Cats and RPGs,...
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Natural me. No filter. No shave.
I've discovered there's two videos of me dancing to this song. And it just gets progressively weirder. This is what happens when I'm left alone. Follow my IG for all the things: nicolemjean
My favorite wig
I'm back at home in San Diego. A lot of catching up to do! I had an amazing time in Brussels. I will miss you
Snapchat: OfficialNMJ
There's a piece of thread in my hair.
Me and AquaBoo are at Comic Con Brussels ???? I brought the shark for photo ops!
Amazing first day in Belgium. Comic Con Brussels is tomorrow!!
Leaving for Belgium tomorrow morning! See you soon, Comic Con Brussels
I'm headed to Portugal in May. Can't wait to meet you all!