Do you crave a cigarette most on your morning commute? Or maybe it’s the one after dinner? For some, slowly replacing cigarettes with NICORETTE® Gum or Lozenges can work better than quitting outright.

Tips On How To Gradually Reduce Your Cigarette Intake | NICORETTE®
Run to Quit’s Break Free 5K is on June 25. Walk, run, and break free from smoking. Sign up: [ Link ]

Break Free 5K | Run to Quit
Are you ready to get a running start on your quit journey? Run to Quit will help you reach the finish line by replacing smoking with running. The 10-week program offers support, coaching, and products that will give you a boost along the way.

Run to Quit
Never miss another important moment – start your quit journey and let NICORETTE® help you quit for good.

Tips To Help You Quit Smoking | NICORETTE®
Make sure this New Year’s resolution to quit smoking stick with the help of NICORETTE®. Try any of our products and if you’re not satisfied, head to for your money back guarantee offer. We’re here for you every step of the way—guaranteed.

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NICORETTE® Money Back Guarantee!
You wouldn’t put out a fire with your bare hands, so why quit smoking without the right tool for the job?

Use the right tool for the job to help get you through your first week smoke-free – you can be 9X more likely to quit for good.

Nicorette® First Week Challenge | Quit Smoking for Good
The journey isn’t easy, but NICORETTE® has been proven to help smokers quit. If you’re not completely satisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee. Visit for details.
Does “morning coffee” also mean “morning cigarette”? Try altering your routine to something you don’t associate with smoking. Every little change will help on your journey to DO SOMETHING AMAZING™.
To help you quit for good, start by reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke and replacing them with NICORETTE® Gum.
Smokers that sweat together, quit together. Finding a workout buddy will make it easier to stick to your fitness plan and keep your quit journey on track.
A vacation is a great opportunity to quit for good. Not only does it break you out of your routine, but it’s also a less stressful time with plenty of distractions and far better ways to spend your money.
For long-time smoker Jim Richards, the thought of quitting was overwhelming. But with some persistence and the help of his pharmacist and NICORETTE®, he now finds himself smoke-free, happier and healthier. Watch his story.
Ontario is poised to change its laws on e-cigarettes, restricting them to the same places as ordinary cigarettes – a reminder that, no matter how you start your quit journey, reaching your goal will set you free.
Brunch tastes better and flowers smell sweeter once you’ve quit for good. Enjoy every moment. How are you going to spend this Mother’s Day?
Once you’ve quit for good, flying is just one of the things you might learn to love.
Most people who quit smoking don’t succeed on their first try. Don’t give up. Try again with help from NICORETTE® products and a range of services, treatments and drug benefits provided by the Government of Ontario. Keep pushing!

First Attempt – Carpentry

First Attempt – Carpentry | If your first attempts at quitting smoking weren’t a success, don’t give up. Find support to help you succeed at

Ever find yourself smoking while you have a coffee or after a meal? That's because your body's built a routine around smoking at those times. As the only hand-to-mouth option authorized by Health Canada, the NICORETTE® Inhaler will help satisfy your cravings and help you quit for good.
Quit for 7 days and success is 9x more likely. Try these tips.

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The NICORETTE® Mini-Lozenge is BACK!

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Did you know that once you’ve made it through your first week smoke-free, you can be 9X more likely to quit for good?

Take the First Week Challenge today.