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Nido South Africa
yesterday at 07:00. Facebook
When the kids return from school, you’d swear they just went to war- paint stained shirts, muddy shoes and grass everywhere! What’s the messiest state your kid has come home in?
Nido South Africa
01/16/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
Alarm clocks, school uniforms, lunch packing - the back-to-school routine can be hectic for both moms and kids. Especially when you have to get the kids back into healthy eating habits (ie: No more ice-lollies for breakfast!) Read more on how to re-introduce the back-to-school routine to your kids: [ Nidokids.co.za Link ]

Back To School Routine - Welcome to NIDO Kids

Nido South Africa
01/14/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
Some pets love accessorising! Today is the perfect day to get the kids to create a really unique outfit for the family pet. Share photos of your dressed up pets with us!
It’s the first day of school and you’re feeling a whirlwind of emotions. When did they get so big? Share photos of your kid’s first day of school with us!
Give your child the best start in life! Buy NIDO 3+ online today. Hit the “Buy Now” Button: [ Nidokids.co.za Link ]
Wishing you another year of beautiful memories and treasured moments. Happy New Year!
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas- with love from NIDO 3+
As soon as mom whips out the sunscreen bottle, the kids bolt half way out the door! Time to work on a new strategy. Here are some tips on how to get the kids to cooperate:
- Apply sunscreen to your kid while they’re still strapped in their car seat
- Make it fun! Add some body glitter to the sunscreen bottle
- Apply sunscreen before leaving home
- How do you get your kid to wear sunscreen?
Admit it moms, how many of us chase the kids out of the kitchen when prepping for the big Christmas lunch? Getting the kids to help out with the cooking is a great way to get the food done faster, and teach them a great new set of skills! Soon enough, you’ll be able to relax while they prepare lunch all on their own  Read more:
[ Nidokids.co.za Link ]

Cooking with Kids - Welcome to NIDO Kids

There’s always a ton of things for moms to do around Christmas time! But there’s no need to be overwhelmed when you have Santa’s little helpers around ;) This year, let the kids decorate the Christmas tree all on their own. It may turn out a complete mess but at least you know it will be one-of-kind, right? :)

Share photos of your Christmas trees with us!
Take a peek at Johannis Mathabane, the winner in our NIDO 3+ Competition, receiving his luxury Volvo XC60 and child seat! Here’s to many happy and safe miles on the road with your loved ones Johannis!
Being homebound this summer definitely comes with its perks – like sleeping in, watching movies and spending all day in the swimming pool! Here are a list of some fun pool games for the whole family to enjoy. PS: don’t forget the sunscreen! [ Nidokids.co.za Link ]

Swimming Pool Games - Welcome to NIDO Kids

Well done to Johannis Mathabane for winning the Volvo XC60 and state-of-the-art child seat in our NIDO 3+ Competition! Keep an eye on our page for photos of our winner receiving his luxury prize!
Having the kids home for December holidays sounds like heaven – but these little angels can get so cheeky! We know you love them, so it’s okay to vent: tell us what insane things your kids are doing around the house to drive you a bit batty this summer?
It’s not summer without a camping trip – but if your little ones aren’t ready for the wilderness just yet, why not have a campout in your garden?
Let the kids help you pitch a tent, braai some marshies and play some fun games! If they manage to sleep in the tent all by themselves. Well, that’s just an extra bonus for mom ;)

Share your funny family camping stories with us!
Road trips can be a dream – or a nightmare when you have impatient little travel companions in the car with you. Follow this handy checklist to ensure that your summer trip is pleasant and comfy, no matter how long the road is: [ Nidokids.co.za Link ]

Travelling with kids - Welcome to NIDO Kids

Holidays can be an anxious time for moms! Kids get a bit more adventurous – they jump off that high diving board, or take off with a bunch of kids they just met! It’s scary, but at the same time, you couldn’t be prouder of how confident they’re becoming!

Do you have any proud holiday moments with your kids to share?
It’s Santa’s List Day! Time to get the kids to work on their wish lists. Here’s a sneaky little trick - tell the kids that they have to be good until Christmas Day… or they may end up on Santa’s naughty list ;)

What’s the strangest gift your kid ever wanted for Christmas?
Let’s honour all those mommies and babies that are affected by HIV & AIDS. Get your red ribbon today to support World AIDS Day.
Calling all mom and mommies-to-be, MamaMagic presents the bigger, better than ever, Joburg Summer Expo from 1 to 4 Dec, where you’ll receive the best pregnancy and parenting advice. Buy your tickets today:
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