Get the kids to help you put those empty NIDO 3+ tins to good use by turning them into upcycled storage cans! Source:
It’s no secret that kids say the most hilarious things! Ask your kids this list of questions about you, then repost the questions with your kid’s answers below so that we can all have a good chuckle ;)

What makes me happy?
What makes me sad?
How do I make you laugh?
How old am I?
What is my favorite thing to do?
What am I really good at?
What is something I’m not good at?
What do I do for...
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When your child starts pre-school, their development is at its most influential stage. Nurture their development by following these steps: [ Link ]

Better Brain Development for Children - Welcome to NIDO Kids
When your child starts pre-school, their development is at its most influential stage. Now is the perfect time to work on nurturing their development with these list of actions: [ Link ]

Better Brain Development for Children - Welcome to NIDO Kids
Being a parent is a tremendous experience, but it does come with its challenges. We want you to inbox us your story about the fears you experience as a parent of letting your child go to see them grow. The most inspirational stories will get featured on our NIDO 3+ Facebook page. Max 120 words. Entries close 27 March 2017.
Encourage the kiddies to do something that will make someone else happy- Bake a cake for gogo, draw a pretty card for their neighbour or simply donate some food to a homeless person. Not only will these acts teach your children about the importance of reaching out to others, but will also allow you to get a step closer to confidently letting them go to see them grow…
WIN your share of R 300 0 00 and instant prizes by following the steps below! Entries close 31 March 2017. T’s & C’s apply: [ Link ]
When that first milk tooth comes out, it’s as if your kid is about to start a whole new adventure – like expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy! Has your kid lost his/her first tooth yet?
Kids are the biggest risk takers at this age! When you drop them off at school, we know your mind wanders as to what your child really gets up to. We took a sneak peek to find out…. (View full video here: [ Link ]
Children are eager to learn new things- but all that learning can be exhausting! Remember to pack a healthy snack that your kid can munch on between meals for a mental boost. Here are some delicious snack recipes you can try: [ Link ]

Getting snacking right for kids - Welcome to NIDO Kids
While teaching children the value of kindness begins at home, it is important that it exists in the classroom too. Get your kid’s teacher to download these handy lesson plans on how to teach kindness in the classroom: [ Link ]
Having your child bullied at school is one of the greatest fears of all parents. It is also the single most important threat to the mental health of children. Read this article on how to react if your child is being bullied:
[ Link ]

Dealing with Bullying - Welcome to NIDO Kids
Happy Valentine’s Day to all our special NIDO 3+ mommies!
Dropping your kid off at school for the first time can be a daunting moment for any mom but the feeling of letting go to see them grow makes it all worthwhile… (View full video here: [ Link ]
Watch what happens on your kid’s first day of school when you have the confidence to let them go in order to see them grow… (View full video here: [ Link ]
Isn’t it just the strangest feeling when your little one comes home from school and tells you all about their new crush. Has your kid experienced his/her first crush yet? Share your stories with us! #MommyMoments
It’s Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! Not too keen on the idea of giving your kid ice-cream early in the morning? why not try this delicious fruity ice lolly version instead!
Fruit Ice lollies:
Chop up some of your kid’s favourite fruit
400ml Apple Juice
Some honey to sweeten
Mix all ingredients together, pour in moulds and let freeze for at least 2 hours. Makes 12.
Between school, homework and sports, moms are always worried about whether their busy kids are eating enough to fill their bellies. The Solution? NIDO 3+ - a source of essential immunonutrients and omega 3 fatty acids. Buy your next refill today: : [ Link ]
As moms, we’re always worried about whether our kids are getting the right nutrition, especially when they’re at school. That’s why it’s so important to pack a healthy lunch box that you know your child will enjoy. Want to know the key to achieving this? Read this article: [ Link ]

What Goes into a Healthy Lunchbox? - Welcome to NIDO Kids
The worst Mommy Moment is when your kid comes to you on a Sunday night with homework due the next morning!
Has this ever happened to you? Share your stories with us in the comments!