Nigel Farage
today at 10:21. Facebook
Malmo in Sweden is the rape capital of Europe due to EU migrant policies. Anyone who says there isn't a problem is lying to you.
Nigel Farage
yesterday at 20:22. Facebook
Can we please just grow up? Donald J. Trump is a democratically elected US President. This student politics must stop.
Nigel Farage
yesterday at 16:46. Facebook
Piers Morgan becomes the latest victim of the 'tolerant' left. These people hate anyone else with a different opinion to them.

Piers Morgan pulls out as host of awards show after SJW outrage
Nigel Farage
02/19/2017 at 09:52. Facebook
Delighted to announce I will be speaking at CPAC next week.
Nigel Farage
02/18/2017 at 14:59. Facebook
If you missed by UKIP Conference speech, watch it here ↓
Nigel Farage
02/17/2017 at 10:44. Facebook
UKIP must remain a radical political party, or it is nothing.
Nigel Farage
02/16/2017 at 21:25. Facebook
President Trump is winning the trust of the public and the liberal media are losing it!
Nigel Farage
02/16/2017 at 08:33. Facebook
Organisations that talk about love and unity seem to have a total hatred of those with a different opinion to them.
Nigel Farage
02/15/2017 at 22:14. Facebook
I've been on the receiving end of abuse and intolerance ever since the winning Brexit result. This is not a one way street!
Nigel Farage
02/15/2017 at 12:39. Facebook
US voters elected Donald J. Trump to get tough on ISIS and bring back jobs to America

Majority of Americans say Trump keeps promises and can deliver change
Nigel Farage
02/14/2017 at 22:30. Facebook
Hope you enjoyed the show! See you again tomorrow at 7pm.
Nigel Farage
02/14/2017 at 19:17. Facebook
People across the West are concerned about Muslim immigration. There is a real problem.
Nigel Farage
02/14/2017 at 13:22. Facebook
Nigel Farage
02/14/2017 at 11:28. Facebook
Only 20% of people want immigration from Muslim countries to continue. Even Mrs Merkel has made a U-Turn and wants to send people back. More EU is not the answer.
Nigel Farage
02/14/2017 at 08:55. Facebook
If the British political class don't want to listen to Donald J. Trump, millions of ordinary people in Britain will!
The EU are terrified of Donald J. Trump. He believes in nation state democracy and will circumvent the EU by making his own direct approach.
UKIP are the party for patriotic working class people.

UKIP: 23%

Corbyn's Labour: 20%

UKIP now more popular with working class voters than Labour
Left wing activists show themselves to be full of deep intolerance once again.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 'Anti-Racists' Admit Attacking UKIP Activists During Stoke By-Election Campaigning
Individuals from countries within Donald J. Trump's travel restriction DO pose a terrorist threat to the USA.