The surprise you've all been waiting for... Welcome to TVNZ, John Campbell! We are so excited to have you here.

The renowned journalist is set to present What Next?, a new multi-platform series alongside Nigel Latta, discussing the topics that will shape New Zealand’s future.
Nigel Latta 04/13/2017
Justin Walker
Marilyn Wearing
Lynne Lang
Congratulations to the amazing people running the "Dunedin Study" and thanks as well to the incredible people who are the heart of this astounding research that has now been running for four decades.

Thanks to this incredible collaboration between the study members, the pool of investigators from around the world, and the team at the University of Otago who keep this thing moving ever...
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Congratulations to the amazing people running the Dunedin Study and thanks as

Dunedin Study team wins the Prime Minister's Science Prize 2017 - The Listener
Bob Fill
Ian Muchamore
Marie Newburn
Tonight the final of Mind Over Money - and its an important one. See you there, TVNZ1 at 8.00pm
Michelle Meow
Paige Cavanagh
Marie Stanley
Tonight's a good one to watch with the kids... Mind Over Money, How to talk to kids about money. TVNZ1, 8.00pm

Ever wondered how you should talk to kids about money? What's the best system for managing pocket money? What are the big ideas and the most important things you should talk to them about? Tonight we're going to answer all those questions. See you there!
Kristina Taylor
Tara Harrison
Loren Bosomworth
Tonight, TVNZ1 at 8.00pm... Riley's big break.

It's that time of the week again... episode 4 of Mind Over Money, and tonight is the night when Riley, my dog, literally get's his time in the sun. It's his big break onto the small screen as we look at "Why is saving so boring?". Amazingly, with almost no training and very little direction, he actually did what we needed him to do.

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Tonight TVNZ1 at 800pm Riley's big break
Alice Nash
Rose Taylor
Caron Greenough
If you're having one of those days/weeks/months with your teenager, this might help. It's worth a read. [ Link ]
If youre having one of those daysweeksmonths with your teenager this might

7 secrets to raising awesome, functional teenagers.
Claire Hansen
Michelle Corry
Catherine Baker
If you missed it, here's a link to "Te Radar's Chequered Past" Ep 2.

I'm really loving this one. It's true genius, a look back at some of the weird and wonderful things kiwi's have done that most of us never knew anything about.

I know this was a labour of love for Radar and all the people who worked on this series, and you can tell. Watch this one with the kids, they'll love it.

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If you missed it here's a link to "Te Radar's Chequered Past" Ep 2

Watch Te Radar's Chequered Past - Yesterday - TVNZ OnDemand
Andrew Frazer
Dallas Rae
Jenni Hart
Ruckus... it's a thing.
Ruckus its a thing

Ruckus Media
Clayton Foster
Liz Manson
Helen Egan
Sarah Sargison
This one is awesome... Te Radar's Chequered Past, tonight on TVNZ1 at 8.05pm.

I've been waiting for months for this one to screen. It's Te Radar's new series telling real stories from NZ history that most of us have never heard of that are both extraordinary, and often frickin hilarious.

It's a great one to watch with the whole family because not only is it hugely entertaining telly, you'll...
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This one is awesome Te Radar's Chequered Past tonight on TVNZ1 at 805pm
Kelly Manning
Sheree Blackwood
Kat Tayle
Eileen Welsby
Carol Smyth
Carol Smyth
Thanks for all the feedback, and really glad you all liked the first episode. If you missed it, here's the link to TVNZ OnDemand.

Our production team at Ruckus worked a thousand miracles a day to get that series made. We kept asking for stuff (like asking for a petrol tanker at the last minute) and they just somehow made it happen... always with patient nods and good humour. It reinforced...
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Thanks for all the feedback and really glad you all liked the

Watch Mind Over Money - Yesterday - TVNZ OnDemand
Anna Conaghan
Natarsha Bailey
Kirsty Hannah
Get your cup of tea sorted... it's almost time. "Mind Over Money", TVNZ1 at 8.00pm.

Hope you guys like it. As always, the team love hearing your feedback.
Get your cup of tea sorted it's almost time "Mind Over Money" TVNZ1 at 800pm
Sheryl Matthews
Mickey Simpson
Viola Thielke
So tonight it's the new series... Mind Over Money, TVNZ1, 8pm

It's that time again... episode one of the new series. This is a great one to watch with the kids as well. Basically it isn't about how to do a weekly budget, or whether you should fix or float your mortgage, instead it's all about the psychology of money. This is all the weird stuff our brains do to us when we're trying to make...
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So tonight it's the new series Mind Over Money TVNZ1 8pm
Unicia Veer
Tonja Oliver
Narisa Sargison
Something special on the big screen...thanks to 20th Century Fox NZ, we have one double movie pass to give away (New Zealand only) to the see the new movie 'Hidden Figures' . This has been nominated for three Oscar nominations including Best Picture and was the #1 film at the US box office last weekend. It opened in cinemas here in NZ last Thursday.... This is the remarkable untold true story...
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Something special on the big screenthanks to 20th Century Fox NZ we
Jillinda Kenyon
Joanna Rusher
Debbie Bailey
And so 2017 begins... with our brand new series "Mind Over Money".

This is the one so many of you helped us out on, and it was a heap of fun to make. It's all about money, and more specifically why so many of us do stuff with money that makes no rational sense. Money is something that impacts hugely on all of our lives, and in this series we set out to try and understand why humans do weird...
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Jimmy Ryan
Lisa Saunders
Unicia Veer
And if you thought you'd missed TedXScottBase... you haven't. Its on again now! It's amazingly interesting... good one to watch with your science-minded little people. Rare to get a line up of scientists and artists and others who can share this kind of stuff.

[ Link ]
And if you thought youd missed TedXScottBase you havent Its on again

For my first post for 2017 I wanted something positive, and something important. This is going to be a huge year with a whole pile of stuff coming your way, and so here's the start... TedXScottBase.

Amazing speakers. Incredible location. The world needs science now more than ever.

Tune in. Be part of it today at 9am, or 2pm, or 7pm.

[ Link ]

[ Link ]
For my first post for 2017 I wanted something positive and something

Jane Guy
Scott Milham
Marcus Prins
Here's a great example of people working to solve the housing problem in a practical and meaningful way...

The Auckland housing market has been facing a crisis for quite some time – you only have to watch the news or read the paper to know that. So the Auckland Community Housing Providers' Network have launched a campaign called 18 for 4, to bring some real change to housing in New Zealand's...
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Heres a great example of people working to solve the housing problem
Char Lee
Jess Greenbank
Angel Welsh
Rachel Pfeffer
Raewyn Elliott