So it's the last night and we're bringing this whole thing home. TVNZ1, 8.30pm tonight.

It's been quite a ride NZ, so join us for the conclusion... there's some stuff here that we all need to be thinking about.
So it's the last night and we're bringing this whole thing home TVNZ1 830pm tonight
Scott Milham
Aaron E Nicholson
David Bond
If anyone is interested in the DNA test I did here's where you go...

The test costs $199 USD and will give you your ancestry results (including how much neanderthal DNA you have... I'm 4% caveman). They send out a little plastic tube you spit in and send back.

Then when you get your results through their website you go to [ Link ] and give this second website permission to...
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If anyone is interested in the DNA test I did here's where you go

DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis - 23andMe
Joanne Smith
Susan Whitaker
Petra Firmin
And so we begin again. Rehearsals are done. Standing by. See you on TVNZ1 in 5 minutes.
And so we begin again Rehearsals are done Standing by See you on TVNZ1 in 5 minutes
Andrea Emma Grindel
Mark Lang
Marnie La'aiva
And here we go... tvnz1, 8.30pm. See you there.
And here we go tvnz1 830pm See you there
Matthew Barrie
David Watkins
Sue Burville
How does something like What Next happen? Like this...
Anita Robinson
Michelle Cowhan
Brenda Dunn
And here we go again... What Next? TVNZ1 in 5 minutes.

We've fixed the creaky floor, and the music over the futurists, and a bunch of other stuff. This is What Next? 2.0 and it's going to really challenge some ideas we have about ourselves.

See you soon, and let us know what you think!
And here we go again What Next TVNZ1 in 5 minutes
Malcolm Bathgate
Vicki Marie Phillips
Fiona Jenkins
First off... we're fixing the music problem with the futurists, so thanks for letting us know about that. Hard to tell that stuff until it comes off the satellite from us, to TVNZ, to you.

And here's what I really like... people are talking about this stuff now.

I even like the fact people are upset about things we haven't covered yet, because that means we're all thinking about it and...
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First off were fixing the music problem with the futurists so thanks
Nick Vause
Vin Neh
Kim Schiller
Robyn-Elizabeth Whalley
Joyce Lindsay
Sarah Flay
And so it begins... What Next? Five minutes on TVNZ1.

This is the culmination of months of work, and the cumulative efforts of a huge group of very smart, highly skilled people putting this epic series together.

This is for all of us, the whole country. It's a hugely important conversation we all need to have, so join us and be part of it. You can add your voice and comments at
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And so it begins What Next Five minutes on TVNZ1
Adrian Lowe
Jason Smith
Sue Orsum
So we're nearly there. What Next? Tonight, TVNZ1, 8.30pm. See you there.
So we're nearly there What Next Tonight TVNZ1 830pm See you there
Makarita Tangitu-Joseph
Ross Lee
Anna Nix
Day 2 of the set build for What Next?

I have to say it's hugely exciting seeing something that has been ideas, diagrams, and mockups get transformed into a real thing in the world.

And we haven't even got to the amazing visual effects wizardry yet.
Day 2 of the set build for What Next I have to
Denise Marshall
Jeanette Garnett
And so it begins... today construction of the What Next? set got underway...
And so it begins today construction of the What Next set got underway
Dallas Sword
Martin Cahill
Phil Heslop
Get your cup of tea and a comfy seat ready... our new doco--Awa's Story--TVNZ1 in 5 minutes

As always... we love hearing what you all think.
Get your cup of tea and a comfy seat ready our new docoAwa's StoryTVNZ1 in 5 minutes
Julie Allen
Angela Amaru
Jessica Charlotte
Remember tonight, 7.30pm, TVNZ1... Our new documentary - Born this Way: Awa's Story.

A beautiful story about an incredibly strong young person who just wants to be who she really is.

That doesn't seem too much to ask of the world.
Remember tonight 730pm TVNZ1 Our new documentary Born this Way: Awa's Story
Karleen Wilkins
Lisa Hurley
Shell Wallace
Born This Way: Awa's Story -- Our New Documentary on TVNZ1, Sunday, 7.30pm

Te Awarangi, ‘Awa’, is eighteen, an openly transgender teen attending her final year at Kapiti College in Wellington, and is currently one of the youngest people in New Zealand to ever undertake the transition from M2F. Awa began the hormone component of the treatment over 24 months ago.

That, in itself is an act of...
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Marie Stanley
Janet Sorensen
Sharyn Forsyth
Denise Hynd
Aaron E Nicholson
Katie Peirce
Coming soon... the new series. Five consecutive nights of live television, presented by myself and John Campbell, looking at some of the most important issues facing NZ in the (near) future. This is one of the most significant pieces of television I've ever been involved in, and it's going to be epic!

We want everyone to get involved... so follow the link and make sure you vote. You do have...
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Natalie McClay
Graeme Swan
John Palmer
Time to join the conversation about NZ in 2037:

We want to hear what you think, so click the link below tell us!

Over five consecutive nights the new show I'm co-hosting with John Campbell looks at what we want for NZ in 2037. There are some huge issues we need to get our heads around, and we need to start now.

Just being part of the research for this series has had a profound effect on...
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Time to join the conversation about NZ in 2037:
Amelia Donald
Ian Miller
Rose Waterworth
The surprise you've all been waiting for... Welcome to TVNZ, John Campbell! We are so excited to have you here.

The renowned journalist is set to present What Next?, a new multi-platform series alongside Nigel Latta, discussing the topics that will shape New Zealand’s future.
Nigel Latta 04/13/2017
Justin Walker
Marilyn Wearing
Lynne Lang
Congratulations to the amazing people running the "Dunedin Study" and thanks as well to the incredible people who are the heart of this astounding research that has now been running for four decades.

Thanks to this incredible collaboration between the study members, the pool of investigators from around the world, and the team at the University of Otago who keep this thing moving ever...
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Congratulations to the amazing people running the Dunedin Study and thanks as

Dunedin Study team wins the Prime Minister's Science Prize 2017 - The Listener
Bob Fill
Ian Muchamore
Marie Newburn