Nikki Haley
03/25/2017 at 17:19. Facebook
I had one job... #CantCook #StickToWashingDishes
Nikki Haley
03/25/2017 at 00:27. Facebook
After a beautiful day in a state we dearly love, we are excited to be cheering on South Carolina tonight in March Madness! #Blessed SCPride
Nikki Haley
03/23/2017 at 22:08. Facebook
We recently met with Ambassadors about the upcoming conference to establish a treaty banning nuclear weapons. We would all love to see the day when nuclear weapons were no longer needed; however, to ban nuclear weapons now would make us and our allies more vulnerable, and would strengthen bad actors like North Korea and Iran who would not abide by it.
Nikki Haley
03/22/2017 at 19:47. Facebook
Our hearts and prayers are with the London victims and their loved ones. In the wake of this senseless violence, we stand strong with our friends and allies in the United Kingdom ready to lift them up in every way we can. #prayforlondon
Nikki Haley
03/22/2017 at 01:46. Facebook
Bentley is All puppy but he has no concept of his size! #Bentley #OurMuppet
Nikki Haley
03/21/2017 at 22:14. Facebook
We had a great meeting with Iraqi Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim. We discussed the strong partnership between the United States and Iraq, our fight against ISIS and how we can work together to hold them accountable.
Nikki Haley
03/20/2017 at 22:01. Facebook
We enjoyed speaking at the Commission on the Status of Women encouraging all countries to uphold the value of women: "Our focus needs to be on what matters-- equality, fairness, opportunity, and safety. Those are the things we should be talking about, for if we do that is what is going to encourage every female to feel like they can do anything. On behalf of the United States we support all...
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Nikki Haley
03/19/2017 at 15:45. Facebook
Together again! We've missed her so much. #Family
Nikki Haley
03/18/2017 at 13:24. Facebook
Following up on Part 2 of our interview with Matt Lauer touching on the more personal side of our move from South Carolina and transitioning into this new role. Watch here: [ Link ]
For those of you that missed Part 1 of my interview with Matt Lauer here's the link: [ Link ]

Tune in for Part 2 tomorrow morning on the Today Show.
We had a chance to hang out with Matt Lauer today. We discussed our first months as US Ambassador to the UN fighting for reform, demanding accountability and standing strong with our allies. Tune in tonight on NBC Nightly News and tomorrow morning on Today.
We are definitely not in SC anymore! A great day to binge watch "The Americans". #SnowDayInNYC
We had a full day of security and cabinet meetings followed by an Executive Order signed by the President to eliminate waste in each agency. #USStrong
I have always been inspired by seeing good people do great things. Congrats to Dawn Staley for being named the next women's head coach to lead Team USA in the Olympics! You've earned this! #SCPride #TeamUSA #Rockstar
At last night's Big East Finals cheering on Kris Jenkins! #LifeinNYC #Nova
Had a great meeting with Amb. Tekeda Alemu of Ethiopia. We discussed our roles on the Security Council and the challenges and opportunities in Africa. #USUN
Proud of this amazing team of foreign and career service members who spent the last few weeks focused on Mgt reform, Peacekeeping reform, and international negotiations. They are working hard to serve our country and make America proud! #TeamHaleyUN #USPride
We had the pleasure of meeting a great woman of courage, Nadia Murad, who personally experienced inhumane torture from ISIS and lost many of her family members to their brutality. She and her attorney, Amal Clooney, are fighting to bring ISIS to justice. The United States is committed to bringing ISIS to justice, not just on the battlefield but in the Judicial system as well.