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Nikon School is now more than 6 years old! Don't you want to know the spectacular journey of what was once just a humble initiative in our headquarters?
Nikon School India
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Some portraits are better off monochrome than colour, as sometimes, colour simply distracts the viewers from the essence of the image. #IAMKnowledge

Image Courtesy: Garick Bay
While capturing Star Trails, be sure to have a subject in the frame as that will do wonders to your image. #IAMKnowledge

Image Courtesy: Alex Chen
Nikon School Advanced Outdoor Wildlife Workshop
Jim Corbett National Park
3rd March, 2017
Nikon School Advanced One Day Outdoor Workshop
Pobitora National Park
5th February, 2017
Nikon School Advanced Classroom Workshop
11th March, 2017
Nikon School Wedding Photography Workshop
8th March, 2017
Nikon School Advanced One Day Outdoor Workshop
26th February, 2017
Nikon School Institutional Workshop
Burla, VSSUT
18th February, 2017
Nikon School FX Demo Workshop
Girja Nanda University
23rd February, 2017
Nikon School Basic D-SLR Workshops - March have been extremely fun thanks to the enthusiasm with which these photographers participated. We hope to have many more similar experiences in the future!
The Nikon School Basics of D-SLR Workshop - February have been made enjoyable and fun thanks to the enthusiasm of our participating photographers. We hope to see each of you at our other programs in the future!
There was excellent participation at Nikon School Photowalks. It was a pleasure to have all of you passionate shutterbugs with us.
The Nikon School Photowalk was graced by enthusiastic participation from our shutterbugs. It was a pleasure to have all of you and we hope to see you at our future programs!
Leading lines are the key compositional element that carries our eye through the photograph. They can be used to tell a story, to place emphasis, and to draw a connection between two objects. #IAMKnowledge

Image Courtesy: Hsiao-Tsa Chung
It is important to know whether the wildlife image should be colour or monochrome and that depends on your subject and elements in the frame. #IAMKnowledge

Image Courtesy: Husain Alfraid
It was an excellent experience at the Wedding Photography Workshop due to the energy and passion of all the shutterbugs that were present! We would love to have similar experiences in the future!
Nikon India wishes you a #HappyHoli! #HappyClicking
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