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#NikonTip: SHOOT FROM THE HIP if you don’t feel comfortable pointing your camera at a stranger, or want some candid/interesting shots. Some more reasons to shoot from the hip:
1. People's expressions are natural.
2. It gives a child's eye-level view.
3. You’ll get some unusual and dynamic compositions that you probably wouldn't have tried if you had looked through the viewfinder.
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#StreetPhotography: It’s a genre of photography usually done candidly without permission and without your subject’s knowledge.
Your goal is to capture emotion, humanity, and depict a person’s character – it's a great idea to get a more intimate portrait of someone in his/her environment.
Camera settings – Aperture priority works best, choose the appropriate ISO for the lighting too.
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There are still a some spaces left for this exciting workshop with award winning photographer Jodi Bieber!
Bookings can be made online - - or email to book your seat and pay your ticket at the door.
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This video shows you how to pair your #SnapBridge enabled camera with your smart device in just 3 easy steps.
#NikonTip: Find shapes in the city. Look for a location that offers clean lines, bold shapes, stong design and/or creative elements. Shadows can also be used as a strong visual element in street photography – shadows can even become the focal point themselves.
#Photography #SuperPower
PRODUCT FOCUS: 50mm f1,8 prime lens (AKA The ‘Nifty’ Fifty)
A 50mm is a fantastic go-to lens for producing amazing street photography results without taking you so far out of your comfort zone that you have to bring your camera really close to your subject’s face. The nifty fifty is light, small and so very convenient to carry around, whether in your bag, or on your camera.
More info here: [...
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#StreetPhotography Tip by Alexi Portokallis (aka Alexioso):
"Johannesburg streets can be menacing, but treat people with respect. You also need to be street smart,and be careful, a brief careless moment can be dangerous.
Street photography can also be uncomfortable, you cannot be afraid of confrontation and being rejected. Keep pushing and testing your limits. There is a great quote I like...
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We are pleased to share that the Nikon D5, D500 and KeyMission 360 cameras are proud recipients of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 for the product discipline.
The iF Design Award is a globally prestigious design award sponsored by iF International Forum Design GmbH since 1953.
For more info please follow the link.
#iFDesignAward2017 #D5 #D500 #KeyMission360

Nikon News » iF Design Award 2017 Recognition for the Nikon D5, D500 & KeyMission 360
We're kicking things up a notch! Check out these exciting #NikonSchool Photography workshops coming up in February, March and April.
More info:
Capture precious everyday moments with the Nikon #D3400. Equipped with the #SnapBridge feature, you will be able to stay constantly connected and automatically transfer your images to your smart device while you shoot.

Update your D3400’s firmware to enjoy SnapBridge today: [ Link ]

Download SnapBridge:
iOS: [ Link ]
Android: [ Link ]

Discover the...
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What would your ideal/dream #NikonKit be for #StreetPhotography?
NIKON TIP: Street photography is something that requires fast reactions and fast shooting and anticipating moments between people before they happen. Consider using 1/250th in the shade and 1/400 or 1/500th in direct sunlight. In darker situations, you can go to 1/160th and sometimes 1/125th.
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Photograph shot by Craig Anderson Photography.
Nikon D90
Nikkor 35mm f.18 Prime
1/1250 sec
ISO 250
#SnapBridge allows for Bluetooth® supported connection between your camera and the compatible smart device, thus making automatic upload of your images possible.
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Now, that’s a good question isn’t it? Auto mode can help us take any picture during any scene. We also have semi auto modes where we can control the aperture or the shutter speed and the camera adjusts the other on its own so we can still capture our images.

So why worry about the manual mode? What is it that is driving more and more photographers to learn manual...
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Nikon School
Nikon in South Africa is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Nature's Best Photography Africa, in association with Iziko Museums of South Africa, to once again offer the African focused photographic competition, bringing special attention to the spectacular diversity of Africa’s flora and fauna.

The competition invites photographers from across the globe to submit their images,...
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For a century, Nikon has strived to show the world in whole new light, revealing the nuances of photography, and capturing the heart of every image. After decades of research and with state-of-the-art technology, Nikon has enabled people to vividly express their own experiences and true feelings. Here’s to another 100 years.