Victória Nunes
Sarah Salvatore
Andra Styles
ربيع عبدالله
Sarah Oliveira
Juan Martin Delgado
#KindnessInAction means showing up for LGBTQ students. You have my support, always. GLSEN
KindnessInAction means showing up for LGBTQ students You have my support always

Celebrate 100 Days of Kindness with GLSEN
Lee Smith
ربيع عبدالله
Mariana Nogueira
BATMAN!! I thinks it's safe to say that these ladies #LoveLegos
BATMAN I thinks it's safe to say that these ladies LoveLegos
Hamody Da Silva
Gehad Ashour
ربيع عبدالله
@KrisWu dropped a single - this song is amazing, music video is dope (see if you can spot me ????) Check it out! #xxxmovie [ Link ]

Kris Wu - Juice (Music from the Motion Picture "xXx: Return of Xander Cage")
Anna Perry
Ana Correia
Hoichi Man
Check out my AOL Build interview! #AolBuild
[ Link ]
Check out my AOL Build interview AolBuild
Maria Moreno
Tori Bredehoeft
Erwin Lee
Look who I found at LAX .... @vindiesel !!!!
Duh ????‍♀ @XXXmovie
Looking sharp, as per usual
(Side note, the other customers were gawking at me as I had a solo selfie photo shoot and they were probably thinking "this weirdo girl must be a SUPER die hard Vin Diesel fan. What. A. Creeper.") And guess what, they were right. This girls name is Becky ????
Go see Becky and Xander in XXX The Return...
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Look who I found at LAX vindiesel Duh XXXmovie Looking sharp as
Amanda Nunes
Shawneai Wimmer
Sonia Lincoln De Martino
What do you get with a Dirty Dragon, a Sweet Cheeks and a Dangerous Dobrev? A hell of a fun night ????????
What do you get with a Dirty Dragon a Sweet Cheeks and
Sev Ivanovsky
Joe Wojciak
Levente Kocsis
Christmas with the Smiths! A night of awesome utter none-sense #WhatsYourAccent ????????‍♀????‍♀
Christmas with the Smiths A night of awesome utter nonesense WhatsYourAccent
Millie Woodburne
Kátia Cristina Côrtes
Alexandru-Octavian Bucur
Snow Bunnies ❄☃ #JulianneHough
Nikol Burneková
Sophie Marshall
Juan Martin Delgado
✨ Look for the beauty and and magic. It's everywhere ✨
✨ Look for the beauty and and magic It's everywhere ✨
Jean Claude
Madison Mozol
Fabricio Ribeiro
Now that's a team I can work with. So excited to share the new poster for @xXxMovie. Xander Cage is back!
Now thats a team I can work with So excited to share
Rodrigo Muniz
Millie Woodburne
Rubin Joubert
Two species of rhino in Asia—Javan and Sumatran—are Critically Endangered. A subspecies of the Javan rhino was declared extinct in Vietnam in 2011. A small population of the Javan rhino still clings for survival on the Indonesian island of Java. Let's help protect these guys from extinction. That's exactly what my friends @itscarlosjnr and @nicholashoult are doing by embarking on a ... [...
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Two species of rhino in AsiaJavan and Sumatranare Critically Endangered A subspecies
Anne-Sophie Sherman
Elijah Solomon
Simone Coccia Colaiuta
My dance partner Julz Tocker and I
Heba Mahmoud
Chelsea Shafer
Neven Henezi
#CalvinKlein Calvin Klein Men's Health
CalvinKlein Calvin Klein  Mens Health
Melissa May Scott
Darlin Marlene
Robin Nichole
Whatchu looking at? #CaterdaysAreTheBest
Whatchu looking at  CaterdaysAreTheBest
Gabriella Mistri
Florin Prs
Brenda Morais
‪Just out, my @FlauntMagazine cover Story! [ Link ]
‪Just out my FlauntMagazine cover Story
Neven Henezi
Micaelly Hastings
Jean Woodham
Not too shabby for my first time. #BackDive #CabboGobble

[ Link ]
Not too shabby for my first time BackDive CabboGobble
Lisa Woods
Jeffray Crownwell
Milena Aleixos
Here we go ... ✈✌
Here we go
Shaheen Wildey
Madison Mozol
Manoela Dobes
@POTUS please listen to this powerful message from a boy you met on #standingrock. #NoDAPL
[ Link ]

Kendrick Eagle Message to Obama
Marie Joy Frio Manuel
Millie Woodburne
Jason Brown