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Falling head over heels happens more often in friendship than in love. Erea Louro Lema & @marinaromerom definitely agree! How about you, who is your friendship soul mate?
Nina, Le Parfum
03/23/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
We like, we love, we share...! Our crew is breaking hearts <3! Thank you to Erea Louro Lema and her BFF for sharing their moment of friendship #BellesdeNina!
Nina, Le Parfum
03/20/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
Good vibes only! It's the international day of happiness! #HappinessDay #BellesdeNina
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03/19/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
Nina & Luna = BFF happiness therapy. Photo by @AgustinaMarzariBobbio #BellesdeNina Nina's Crew :)
Cheeeers, it's Friday night! #FridayNightFever #BellesdeNina
When you give a gift that's proportional to your degree of love. #BellesdeNina
Hey gorgeous @kelcalderon & Vesta Lugg!!!! Thank you to all the women around the world that have sent us their selfies. We're a fan, we love, we like, we share...! Nina's crew #BellesdeNina
Paris, the 4th of March 2017. Relive the extraordinary day of our perfume muses Frida Gustavsson & Jac Monika at the Nina Ricci fashion show! #BellesdeNina
Nina, Luna. Frida, Jac. More than models, the egeries of our two fragrances embody today’s young women. Grace and strength, optimism and freedom of action. Happy International Women’s Day! #IWD
All those who would have prefered to read this morning rather than go to work, like... #LazyTuesday #BellesdeNina
When we love we don't count. I really really love my BFF! #BellesDeNina
Follow the Nina Ricci fashion show live on the @NinaRicciParfums Instagam story! Some surprise guests will be hiding in there... Will you be able to find them?? #FashionWeek #Paris
Sunday softness! Have a good day! Photo by @collection.jade #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
Tea time in the company of Nina & Luna <3 #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
Nina & Luna, two fragrances, two friends. Does it make you think of anyone? #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
Mood: just a few hours until the weekend! #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
Who needs a boyfriend when your best friend is so awesome? Happy Valentine’s day! #MybestValentine #NinaRicci
And your BFF knows waaaaaaaaaay too much. It may be the right time to tell her how great she is. Just sayin’. #MybestValentine #NinaRicci
To the bitter end...#MyBestValentine #NinaRicci
Pssst... It's time to tell your BFF what she means to you.
#MybestValentine #NinaRicci