Nina, Le Parfum
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Out with the boyfriend, who is your favourite for the World Hugging Day? Thank you @carlotaweberm @melissavillarreal for this beautiful photo of friendship. Send us yours with #BellesdeNina! #NinaRicci
Nina, Le Parfum
01/18/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
Friendship is universal, our Russian apple biters tell their story of friendship in our new webseries, discover here [ Link ] #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
Our series with Noholita and Megan Vlt continues, who cooks the best? #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
Create your own version of the Nina campagne like DANSVOGUE & @merspectives with the hashtag #BellesdeNina. Our favourite will win a duo of Nina & Luna perfumes!
So? Are you happy with your Christmas presents? #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
It's a floral detox for @fermedina after the Christmas treats... A juice full of vitamins that will boost your morale all winter long! #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
The Belles de Nina are celebrating the end of a wonderful year! To be continued...
Who's the foodie between you and your bestie? Noholita & Megan Vlt #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
Who is the most romantic out of the two of you? Tell us all and mention your BFF in the comments! Noholita Megan Vlt
There's never enough glitter at christmas for #BellesdeNina! Happy Holidays to all Nina and Lunas! #NinaRicci
Between you and your BFF who's got the worst temper? Tell us everything! Noholita & Megan Vlt
#BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
Are you Nina or Luna? Our intrepid best friends Noholita and Megan Vlt answered... It's your turn to play now! #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
The ideal BFF day presented by #BellesdeNina! Where we discover the friendship of our guest stars Noholita and Megan Vlt over a picnic and a Parisien stroll. Not bad hey? #NinaRicci
There are no rules in friendship. #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
Friendship rule N°4: Take a bite of life and free your limits #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
Friendship rule N°3: Know how to appreciate the hidden side of your alter ego. #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
Friendship rule N°2: Make your differences a force. It's worth the world too :) #BellesDeNina #NinaRicci
Friendship rule N°1: It's not just one person that shares their things! What are your friendship rules? #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
Have you ever wondered who created the enchanting music of Nina Ricci film ? Meet Bruno Coulais. #BellesdeNina