Whether small, medium or large, Nina will always be my first choice ! Do you agree ?
Thank you DANSVOGUE for this beautiful Christmas coloured Nina photo ! #NinaRicci
For @fermedina it is floral detox after the chesnuts... A juice full of vitamins that will boost your morale all winter long! #BellesdeNina #NinaRicci
The Belles de Nina are celebrating the end of a wonderful year! To be continued...
Thank you for a fabulous year to all those who have taken a bite from their apple. We wish you Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!
There's never enough sparkles at Christmas for #LesBellesdeNina! Happy holidays to all the Ninas and Lunas! #NinaRicci
Father Christmas is on his way! Give yourself a little Nina sweetness... thank you Boulevard Pink for these cuties
Only a few days before Christmas, excited?
Christmas is coming! Thank you DW Store for sharing their images, find the Nina collection in your closest store.
Thank you @alexaliacad for this beautiful collection! Which apple would you wear?
Christmas is coming ... Which bottle would you like for the holidays? Nina, Nina L'Eau or Nina L'Elixir?
Nina the elixir, for intense and bubbly girls. Is this the apple you chose?
3 bottles, 3 sides of Nina. Which apple would you bite into?
How about you, would you like to hold this immense bottle of Nina?
Thank you to @Orbiki for this beautiful photo. Don't forget the hashtag #NinaRicci to have your photo published too!
An engraving is hiden under the leaves of your bottle, can you see the finesse of the detail?
Who wears Nina L'Eau? Tell us in comment below!
The freshness of Nina L'Eau? Or the sweetness of Nina? Share your choice in the comments below!
Nina, a love story that has lasted 10 years. Thank you @Maialivne for sharing her photo with the #ninaricci hastag.
Thank you to @lojasrenner for this beautiful Nina photo! Share your GIFS and photos with the hashtag #ninaricci.