Nissan Navara Australia
02/16/2017 at 03:50. Facebook
The perfect end to a long day.
Photo Cred: Rae R.
Nissan Navara Australia
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Solid day off-road. #Patrol

Photo Cred: Caitlin T
Nissan Navara Australia
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We tested the Nissan Navara ST to see how far it would go on just one tank of diesel, and had you guess how far we travelled.
We’d like to congratulate our winners Justin Rees and Paul Bonenti who had the most creative answers.
Your $500 BP fuel vouchers are on their way. Watch below to find out exactly how far we travelled.
Nissan Navara Australia
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The line up.
Photo Cred: Nissan Navara Brisbane Group
With so much versatility, find out which Ute suits you best:
Photo Cred: Shannon B. #NissanNAVARA
Where did this weekend take you? #PatrolY62
Photo Cred: Luke T.
Time to play. #Navara
Photo Cred: Shaun K.
Straight through. #Navara
Photo Cred: Josh G.
We tested this Nissan Navara ST to see just how far it would go on one tank of diesel. Take a guess how far up the East Coast of Australia we travelled on one tank and tell us where you would drive the Nissan Navara to and why below for your chance to WIN a $500 BP Fuel voucher.
A #Y62 in it's natural habitat.

Photo Cred: Vicky C.
Sunday fun-day in the #Navara

Photo Cred: Shaun K.
Are you spending the weekend beachside?

Photo Cred: Luke T.
A very Aussie weekend awaits. #AustraliaDay
Big space for big jobs.

Photo Cred: Steve W.
Contrasting countryside in the #Y62

Photo Cred: Tim T.
Picture perfect. #Navara
#TBT to the good old days.
Share your old Nissan 4x4 for a chance to be featured.

Photo Cred: Timothy M.
Gordan H. says, "The Y62 has PLENTY of power, comfort and towing stability."
East coast cruisin'.

Photo Cred: Nick R.
Vicky C. in Darby, WA.
Where has your Nissan taken you lately?