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"We didn't have any problems with the car, we didn't have any flats, we didn't make really any mistakes out there. I always said if anyone has a perfect race they are just going to win this thing hands down, but three of us had perfect races with no issues on the cars." - Jason Scherer commenting on his 3rd place finish and Team Nitto podium sweep at KOH 2017. #TeamNitto

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Don't let a little rain stop you from dancing. The NT555 G2 is a tire that is capable in both wet and dry.

Learn more at

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Perfect for your commute or a quick weekend get away.

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This LS2-swapped Datsun 260Z on NT05s is the perfect embodiment of #BuiltNotBought. Rookie build? Success. | Driving Line

Take 5: 1974 LS2-Swapped Datsun 260Z
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Spotted at last years #SEMAignited show was this gorgeous Chevrolet Corvette with a set of custom white walled NT555's. Some classics just get better with time.

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#KOH17 didn't go quite as planned for Bailey Campbell, but she fought through and finished strong in 26th. 122 racers started the race, only 50 finished.

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Sideways Friday's in full effect. Courtesy of Vaughn Gittin Jr. and our friends at Donut Media.

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Name another iconic 90's Japanese sports car that rivals the NSX.

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ICON Vehicle Dynamic's FJ80 squatting and providing a solid Flex Friday! Where are you wheeling this weekend?

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To thousands of diesel lovers, this 1,100-pound hunk of iron is king of the modern diesel performance era. | Driving Line

11 Reasons Why the 12-Valve Cummins Is the Ultimate Diesel Engine
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Our friends from Super Street Magazine cruising through the streets of Los Angeles with a pair of NSX's. One old, one new, but both irresistible. Which one would you pick?

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Erik Miller was looking to defend his throne at KOH'17, but with a new car this year he ran into fuel pressure issues and a problem with steering. Down but not out of the race, Erik was still able to battle his way to a 4th place finish. #TeamNitto

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Derek West ran the best race he could but ran into car issues. Refusing to throw in the towel, Derek hiked 8 miles to a remote pit and back to his car in order to finish the race. #TeamNitto

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We've spent years at King of the Hammers collecting data to engineer a tire that can handle your day to day use. On or off-road, trust in Nitto.

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Ridge Grappler - Its in our DNA

The all-new Ridge Grappler is born from our race-proven technology developed in the harshest off-road environments, produced with cutting-edge manufacturing ...

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King of the Hammers is known to be one of the toughest off-road races on the planet. Drivers and teams prep all year long in hopes to just complete the race. On the other hand, Jason Blanton completed the race in a Jimmy's 4x4 rental car! How bout that.

Nitto Tire | #TrailGrapplers | Jimmy's 4x4 | #KOH17 | #KingOfTheHammers | Ultra4 Racing | Jason Blanton
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The MAD Life: Full Throttle has finally released world wide. Watch the Red Bull TV documentary that follows #TeamNitto driver Mad Mike Whiddett through his journey around the world.

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The MAD Life | Drifting With A Purpose
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Take to the trails with confidence.


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They don't call King of The Hammers the world's toughest one-day off-road race for nothin'. These are the critical components that allow Ultra4 Racing drivers to walk away from those gnarly crashes unscathed. | Driving Line

Above All, Race Safely: 10 Things That Protect Racers
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After a 1st and 2nd place win at King of The Hammers by Shannon and Wayland Campbell, we can definitely say the apple does not fall far from the tree.

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When your commute calls for rocky roads, the Ridge Grappler is ready to take on the challenge.

See what makes this all new Grappler a tire of its own at

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