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COMMENT: Despite endless efforts to tone police those who experience racism about how they should react to it, the truth is that there is no 'best way' to respond to racism. #FU2Racism | Face Up To Racism

There is no best way to respond to racism
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“I am proud to represent this mix of two ancient civilizations," Greek-Indigenous hip hop and jazz artist Lady Lash tells SBS Greek - Ελληνικό Πρόγραμμα Ραδιοφωνίας SBS ahead of her performance at this weekend's Greek Festival in Melbourne.

Lady Lash: the Aussie hip hop artist "proud to represent two ancient civilizations"
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"Juan José Gómez is exhausted. As one of 12 funeral directors working in San Salvador, he is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

The dangerous and profitable life of an undertaker in the world’s most homicidal country
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What started out as just a bit of fun, soon turned into a rollercoaster ride of drugs, domestic violence and crime.

Jail, rehab, child removal and domestic violence - an addicts tale
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“We live in a community where we see ice tear families apart."

Aboriginal community in Western Sydney unites to stand against ice
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Marngrook returns 23rd March! Save your spot in the free live studio audience now!

The Marngrook Footy Show
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Former principal of Cape York Girl Academy Jessa Rogers, is now set to be a Harvard University fellow, learning from some of the world's best academics.

University of Canberra University of Southern Queensland - Australia The Australian National University

Expert in Indigenous education set to study at Harvard University
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The new NSW HSC curriculum includes sweeping changes to subjects, and features a new case study on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history before 1788.

New HSC Ancient Australia unit a step in the right direction, but more is needed
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#OnThisDay in 1929, Lynch Cooper (son of famous Aboriginal rights campaigner, William Cooper) entered the record books as the first Aboriginal person to win the world's professional sprint championship.

Lynch Cooper: the first Aboriginal World's Sprinting Champion
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"In the mainstream media we got missed out. It was like it just didn’t happen.”

Inside the invisible world of early Indigenous LGBTI Mardi Gras activism
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Mario Patron, head of the Pro Center for Human Rights, who fought the case for almost 10 years, said that accepting that the women were right was the minimum that the Mexican state could do.

Mexico apologizes to indigenous women wrongly jailed for kidnapping
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"I don’t want any flag replaced. We have a flag to represent Australia and the Aboriginal flag is to represent the First Peoples of Australia, which is an acknowledgement to them."

Thousands call for Aboriginal flag to be displayed on Sydney Harbour Bridge
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Former NT chief minister has revealed former Prime Minister John Howard didn't consult her before launching Canberra's controversial NT Intervention in 2007.

Former NT chief minister speaks out about the 2007 Intervention
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Our Corka Bubs is an Indigenous inspired production that is helping babies explore culture through song, music, dance and storytelling.

Babies bounce to the beat of Indigenous culture
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All but a few dozen of the last holdouts from a months-long mass protest against a proposed oil pipeline in North Dakota peacefully vacated their riverside camp as an eviction deadline passed on Wednesday

Dakota pipeline protest camp nearly empty as holdouts face removal
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Patrick Mau Power, the first Torres Strait rapper to tour Australia reveals how and why his life revolves around three intertwined core values: empower, inspire and respect. via SBS Living Black

Torres Strait rapper Mau Power is giving back with the ‘Power Movement’
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“We don’t have very high levels of university attendance, and it’s going to be really hard for students who have to support themselves to stay at university.”

Aboriginal students to be hit hard by slashed penalty rates
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Music NT announces release of All female Indigenous compilation album ~Desert Divas II

Music NT announces release of Desert Divas Vol II
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Native American scholar of environmental history and religious studies, Rosalyn R. LaPier explains what Native American leaders mean when they say that certain landscapes are “sacred places” or “sacred sites.”

COMMENT: What makes a mountain, hill or prairie a 'sacred' place for Native Americans?
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Boomalli Aboriginal Art Gallery celebrates Mardi Gras with its annual LGBTQI exhibition in Sydney's inner-west. #mardigras2017

Recycled denim and provocative language tell stories of activism in Indigenous LGBTQI art exhibtion