A man is the US wrote his resignation on a piece of toilet paper saying "I have chosen this type of paper for my two week resignation as a symbol of how I feel this company has treated me".

Big ups bro! :)

Have you ever left a job in your own unique way? Share below or email breakfast@niufm.com

We'll share yours and ours tomorrow morning!
Man crush Monday!

This week we give it up to the bro, Taika Waititi who received the New Zealand of the Year award last week.

Love your work bro!

#MCM #Churbo

Photo credit: M2 Magazine NZ
Mmmm, Half Moon Pineapple Pies... and we got the recipe for you! Have a go at making some Paifala this weekend :)

Paifala (Half Moon Pineapple Pies)

Its our girl Neece casually slaaying "Saving all my love for you' on a karaoke machine in the middle of the mall in the Philippines Lol They wasn't reeeeadyyy!!!
The weekend is almost here and we have your Niu FM Sunday To'ona'i baking recipe ready - Half Moon Pineapple Pies AKA Paifala! YUM #SundayToonai [ Rebrand.ly Link ]

Paifala (Half Moon Pineapple Pies)

Friday feel good song vote!

Color Me Badd vs Michael Jackson....

'All for love' or 'Remember the time'?

Post your votes here or email breakfast@niufm.com, the winner plays out after 7.15 this morning!

Is it the weekend yet? hehe
#oua Malo Sela Angus Naufahu :)
#NiuDriveDiscuss: We all hear of some real horror stories when flatting with people...but this isn't one of those times! Alice had a pair of her socks go missing (yes...socks) and she feels like she over-reacted -_-

What are some of your flatting/house horror stories?
A health food company working with Fijian locals to help a village get more out of its coconuts #BigPlans

Company's big plans for Fiji coconuts

Some fun up North this weekend! Check it out! :)
Northland Pasifika Fusion Festival 2017
Yo its Chels from Niu Nites, this is what i was just talking about on the show! They gonna take you back to Church haha #NiuNights #ThatGospelThou

Seattle x Mary Mary (Cover)

#FreshOffTheNet: They still got it! Check out this acoustic offering from our Pacific brothers in Oz - Fourtunate! #ThoseSkills
"I've met some special people in there and my message is stay positive, the days will get hard and dark but the next day the sun is going to come up and shine on you again,"

Leali'ifano in remission

Oscar Kightley says New Zealand should question Australia's detention of more than 1200 refugees on Nauru and Manus Island

Kightley: NZ should stand for refugees

Rest in Love to the beloved Queen of Tonga
Queen Mother Halaevalu Mata'aho
May 1926 - February 2017

Tributes flow for Queen Mother of Tonga

True friendship! LOL

Today's HOT 5: Songs about FRIENDSHIP, any song suggestions comment below :)
Happy Weekend Family! :)

Video Credit: Tyler Mauga