The man. The legend. Javier Bardem celebrates his birthday today!
Wishing the actor who brought Llewelyn Moss to the big screen, a very happy birthday.
Which of these previous Best Supporting Actors have your vote? #MiramaxHallOfFame #Oscars

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"Where's the last guy? Last man standing, must've been one." has named Anton from No Country For Old Men as one of their Top 10 Coolest Hitmen. Would you agree? If not, probably best not to tell Anton...

Top 10 Coolest Hitmen Movies of All Time - Movie News |
Tip your hats for the sheriff. It's Tommy Lee Jones' Birthday.
Did you know four-time Academy Award winning No Country for Old Men was adapted from the 2005 novel of the same name? You can thank author Cormac McCarthy for creating such an iconic story. #NationalBookLoversDay

No Country for Old Men - Official Trailer (HD)
Even cats can be outlaws. #InternationalCatDay
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It's National Dairy Month. Got milk? #MiramaxIcons
We think #WoodyHarrelson has led a charmed life, but would he agree? #NoCountryForOldMen #TBT #MiramaxIcons
"Just how dangerous is he?" "Compared to what?" Happy Birthday Javier Bardem! #MiramaxIcons
#TBT 2008 - Javier Bardem became the first Spanish actor to win an Academy Award for his chilling portrayal of psychopathic killer Anton Chigurh. #Oscars #MiramaxIcons
Got milk, Anton? #MiramaxIcons
Actions speak louder than words.
On the run.
Do you trust destiny or self-determination?