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Let us know if you will be in Los Angeles tomorrow and want to meet these stars! Tell us what you are #HungryForLA!
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There’s no tastier way to end childhood hunger in America than by hosting your own Bake Sale.

Get started today!
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Do you know a kid who is #HungryFor a dream?

Check out Generation No Kid Hungry's "What Are You Hungry For?" campaign and have them enter the #HungryFor Contest today!
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It’s tournament time, and Team #NoKidHungry needs one more player: You.
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Alyssa is #HungryFor using her voice to create art.
You can use your voice to help make her dream a reality.
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Social programs are critical to survival for many poor families.

Hear sociologist, poverty expert and author Kathy Edin ($2 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America) and Washington, DC area social entrepreneur Tom McDougall of 4P Foods , explain why these programs should not be cut on this episode of the Add Passion and Stir podcast.

Living on $2 a Day: Poverty and Food Equity in America
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Amazing chefs, amazing food, an amazing night, and all to help end childhood hunger in America.

Find a #NoKidHungry Culinary Event near you.
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Ready to create real change?
Join over 836,000 people who are dedicated to making #NoKidHungry a reality.
You can do more than put food on a plate.
You can help kids get what they're really #HungryFor: living the lives they imagine.
President Trump is sending a clear message to kids and low-income American families with the massive cuts in his proposed budget:
You’re on your own.

Prove him wrong; contact your member of Congress today and demand they REJECT this proposal.
#InvestInKids #NoKidHungry
STATEMENT: Share Our Strength’s Duke Storen on White House Budget:
[ Link ]

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The only thing kids should have to worry about is being kids.
Along with your help, Tammy has made sure of that for her two boys.
This is her story.
Ricardo doesn't let what people say come between him and what he's #HungryFor.
In fact, you can help him skate rings around them.
Today is #PiDay (3.14 — get it?). But we’re thinking it’s also Pie Day!

So we’re kicking off our annual Bake Sale for #NoKidHungry today, and we want you to take part.

Register to participate in Bake Sale 2017 and to sweeten the deal Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar will donate $25 for every registration TODAY, up to $10,000.
Remember the dreams you had when you were a kid?

There are kids right now doing whatever it takes to reach their own dreams, just like you did.
And you can help them.
#NoKidHungry #quotes
Your next big night out can be more than just food and drinks.
You can make a big impact on the lives of hungry kids, too.

Find events near you:
National School Breakfast Week is almost over, and we’d love to know what you did to spread the word. #NSBW

Please let us know in the comments below!