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No Kid Hungry
yesterday at 22:47. Facebook
Your next blog post could be the one that makes a difference in the life of a hungry child.

Join NoKidHungry.org/Bloggers today!
No Kid Hungry
yesterday at 15:44. Facebook
If your resolution was to make a difference this year, this is how you do it: NoKidHungry.org/Pledge
No Kid Hungry
01/16/2017 at 16:10. Facebook
Alyssa makes her voice heard through her passion for spoken word poetry.

You can help make her #hungryfor dreams come true.
No Kid Hungry
01/15/2017 at 18:02. Facebook
#NoKidHungry #quotes
No Kid Hungry
01/14/2017 at 17:51. Facebook
“Momma, I’m hungry.” - "My chest tightens, a visceral reaction to these words, because I know I cannot feed them what they need."

[ Talkpoverty.org Link ]

42 Million Americans Experience Hunger Each Year. I'm One of Them. - Talk Poverty

No Kid Hungry
01/13/2017 at 22:00. Facebook
We thank Governor Terry McAuliffe and First Lady McAuliffe for their leadership in the fight to end childhood hunger in Virginia.

In his last State of the Commonwealth Address, Gov. McAuliffe celebrated the First Lady’s commitment to the cause.
Thanks to both the Governor and First Lady’s commitment, Virginia schools served 5 million more school breakfasts than the year before. #NoKidHungry...
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No Kid Hungry
01/13/2017 at 16:29. Facebook
Ricardo is #hungryfor ice hockey.
This is his story.
No Kid Hungry
01/12/2017 at 15:46. Facebook
Imagine a world filled with pillow fights, playgrounds, and the search for the perfect climbing tree. Every kid deserves that world.

But 1 in 5 kids in America struggle with hunger - We can change that.
No Kid Hungry
01/11/2017 at 16:46. Facebook
Marvin dreams of making our world better by promoting sustainable agriculture.

Fulfilling his aspirations will help fulfill what we're #hungryfor in the future.
Hunger isn't just about food. It's about dreams and making them come true, too. What can you do to help make a kid's dreams come true?

You can start by finding out what they're really hungry for: NoKidHungry.org
Millions of kids struggle with hunger in the United States, and that keeps them from focusing on what they’re really #hungryfor.

You can help them reach it. NoKidHungry.org
#NoKidHungry #quotes
Why join Team #NoKidHungry?

Because you find it unacceptable that kids in your community are struggling with hunger. NoKidHungry.org/Pledge
#NoKidHungry #NKHChefs
Hunger happens all year long.

Join The Hunger Core to make a difference every month of the year: NoKidHungry.org/HungerCore
#NoKidHungry culinary events highlight the nation's finest talent in the food and drink industry, all united under one cause – ending childhood hunger.

Find one near you! ce.nokidhungry.org
Millions of kids in America face the school day on an empty stomach because there isn't enough food at home. But hungry kids can't learn.

By simply making breakfast a part of the school day, we can change everything.
A new year means a new challenge.

Dedicate your year to ending childhood hunger: NoKidHungry.org/Pledge
Your donation does more than provide meals for kids who struggle with hunger. It fuels their dreams.

#HappyNewYear #NoKidHungry