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There are 13 million kids in the U.S. who aren't getting the food they need.

You can help keep their plates full by joining Team #NoKidHungry:
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Guess what the nation's Governors and First Ladies are talking about at today's National Governors Association meeting in DC today?
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No Kid Hungry
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All across America people are coming together to make sure that kids get the food they need.

We need your help.
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Kids are hungry for lots of things; weekends, fun, freedom.
But they're also #HungryFor their dreams - And you can help make them come true!

Learn more about Generation No Kid Hungry's "What Are You Hungry For?" campaign at
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Get out on the town, meet new people and support #NoKidHungry!

Attend one of our culinary events in your city.
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"Feeding children isn't just a good thing to do; it's our responsibility. It isn't just the right thing to do; it's the smart thing."
~ Dorothy McAuliffe, first lady of Virginia, and Kathleen Sandoval, first lady of Nevada

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Ending Childhood Hunger Isn't Just the Right Thing to Do — It's Smart
No Kid Hungry
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When kids are #HungryFor making their dreams come true, they let nothing stand in the way.

You can help make sure their path stays clear.
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11 months left in the year, 11 chances to #makeadifference by becoming a monthly donor.

Now is the time to join in:
Marvin is #hungryfor a healthy planet.
You can help him feed the future.
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Every kid deserves a healthy breakfast. But only half who need school breakfast get one.

We're working to change that and you can help.
There are kids out there working hard to achieve what they're #HungryFor, and they won't rest until they've done it.

You can give them a helping hand.
The 52 Reasons podcast is dedicated to sparking positive change.
Listen to the latest episode to hear #NoKidHungry talk about ending childhood hunger in America and the importance of building a better future for kids in this country.

Check it out: [ Link ]

52 Reasons | Weekly Feature
We’re not stopping the fight until #NoKidHungry becomes a reality.
Can we count on you to stand with us?

Join #TeamNKH now:
Kids are hungry for more than just food.
They're #HungryFor their dreams.

You can help make them come true.
Your donation today is an investment in the future.
It's an investment in children's dreams.

Learn more:
Alyssa has had many things try to keep her down, but her words lift her—and us—up.

She's #HungryFor poetry, and you can help make her voice heard.
#NoKidHungry #quotes #inspiration
Learn how the #NoKidHungry strategy works - Reaching kids where they live, learn, & play.