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02/23/2017 at 10:12. Facebook
My first sold out masterclass was such a succes!

300 hardstyle lovers gathered to see how my tracks are build up and produced.

I decided to show myself in the studio exactly how it is and everybody could ask and see everything without any secrets. And so we did.

10% of my job as a producer and dj is what people see and hear when I’m playing on stage. But 90% of what I do takes place in the...
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Tomorrow I'll team up again with Wildstylez for a classics set at Vroeger Was Alles Beter
You can try but never stop me. Cause this is what I'm made of.

Still recovering from Hard Bass.. Epic night!
The word is out! Playing at Basscon presents Wasteland

Get your tickets at ▶︎ [ Link ]
Standby, Team Basscon. The forces of Wasteland are about to emerge...
Team Green
Noisecontrollers, een veteraan in het vak, is een naam die iedereen in de scene kent. Een man die zijn eigen X-Qlusive heeft gehad, meerdere Defqon.1 anthems heeft...

Noisecontrollers blaast stof van oude harddisk || Hard News
Have a great weekend!
5 years ago I had my own X-Qlusive. Such a highlite of the Noisecontrollers story. Congratz Ran-D with yours coming this weekend. Going to support you buddy!
Just Won't Get EnoughMy collab with Sander Van Doorn!
Out now ▶︎ [ Link ]
The moment we premiered Just Won't Get EnoughMy collab with Sander Van Doorn!
Out now ▶︎ [ Link ]
Dit is het gevoel van Hard Bass! Are you ready for Hard Bass 2017?
Op 18 februari gaan we terug in de tijd op Vroeger Was Alles Beter, ben jij erbij?

Info & tickets: [ Link ]