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Alabama will become the third state that gives out "Baby boxes," which double as bassinets and are designed to promote safe sleep and deter Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, for free to new parents.

Another state is giving new parents 'baby boxes' to deter SIDS: report
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Blinded by the gasoline in his eyes, Jackson Hill dropped the gas nozzle and ran to the door of the convenience store at the Tulane Shell, but the door was locked -- there was no attendant on duty.

Broken gas hose at Tulane Avenue station drenches patron
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Live: The winners of the Tennessee Williams Festival are named!
03/26/2017 at 21:57. Facebook
Live: The winners of the Tennessee Williams Festival are named!
03/26/2017 at 21:53. Facebook
Live: The winners of the Tennessee Williams Festival are named!
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The head of the Environmental Protection Agency, said the new order will be followed swiftly by actions to "make sure that whatever steps we take in the future will be pro-growth, pro-environment but within the framework of the Clean Air Act."

Trump reversal of Obama carbon cutbacks to begin this week
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Watch the "Stella!!!!!" yelling contest in New Orleans at the Tennessee Williams Festival.
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The charges were filed after detectives learned that a 13-year-old girl was involved in the transfer of sexually explicit images over the internet and in other ways.

LaPlace man arrested on juvenile pornography charge
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The demonstration was large but peaceful, with about 2,000 flag-waving supporters of President Donald Trump walking and chanting along Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach, Calif. Then, they caught sight of the counterprotesters.

Watch pro-Trump rally where man was beaten with 'Make America Great Again' sign
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A Destrehan teen who broke into the home of a Louisiana State Police trooper has pleaded guilty to simple burglary and will serve about 11 months in prison

Teen convicted of breaking into Louisiana state trooper's home
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With its mix of warped religion, New Age spirituality, science fiction themes, evolutionary theories, and sexual and gender confusion, the beliefs that led to the mass suicide of the Heaven's Gate cult 20 years ago were deemed bizarre. In today's post-truth world of all beliefs are equal, many of their ideas -- excepting suicide and maybe castration -- seem almost mainstream.

Lesson of Heaven's Gate tragedy: What you believe matters
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For years, New Orleans Public Service Inc., better known as NOPSI, provided gas and electricity to the city, as well as running its buses and streetcars.

A streetcar named delicious: How NOPSI got New Orleans cooking
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"Our long national nightmare of progressively cleaner air and water leading to better health and longer lives may finally come to an end," writes Bob Marshall, sarcastically.

President Trump and Congress think our water and air are clean enough
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Oyster harvesters start by 5 a.m., and their haul is eaten in restaurants that same afternoon.

Watch oyster harvesting in the waters of Louisiana
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From the time of the city's founding, the Mississippi River has been the lifeblood of New Orleans, a winding, watery highway for products and people.

Full steam ahead: The invention that forever transformed New Orleans -- and the country
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The first steamboat plowed the lower Mississippi River on Jan. 12, 1812, ushering in a new age of transportation.

The boat — fittingly called the New Orleans — dramatically transformed the Crescent City. And changes the steamboat era ushered in have never gone away.

Learn more about the arrival of the steamboat era and its impact on New Orleans.
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The Canal Street streetcar outside the Saenger Theatre at twilight on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Photo by Michael DeMocker
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Meteorologists said Saturday's storms were just the start of what's expected to be a week of dangerous weather.

Storms destroy church, homes in week of turbulent weather
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The Final Four starts to take shape with Gonzaga making its first appearance ever and Oregon's first appearance in 78 years.

March Madness 2017 buzz: Gonzaga scores on bounce off floor; Kansas coach loses -- again
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In Westwego City Council races, Johnny Nobles kept his District 2 seat defeating Joshua Melford.

Westwego mayor, 2 council seats will need runoff to decide