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03/23/2017 at 21:45. Facebook
As you can see, we take #NationalPuppyDay very seriously here at our corporate office.
When you can't wait to sneak a bite before you get home. #NoodlesToGo #JustOneBite
Hello, #Spring. #Fresh
Can eating green be the same thing as wearing it? #SaintPatricksDay #GreenCury #Pesto
Who knew you could get so much happiness in one bite? #AlfredoMontAmore
Dishes that are worlds apart, right at your fingertips. #WorldyFlavors #PadThai #MedSalad #KoreanMeatballs
Curry is the answer. Always. #ThaiGreenCurry
We may be biased, but this dish deserves some bragging rights. #FlavorExplosion
Why stop at Mac & Cheese when you can also have Cheesy Garlic Bread? #MoreCheese
Looking to spice up your Monday? We got you covered. #JapanesePanNoodles #Spice #FlavorExplosion
Serving up some spice. #PorkAdobo #ThaiGreenCurry
With our new Pork Adobo, seeing is believing and tasting is beyond belief.
Grown-up comfort food from the comfort of your grown-up home. [ Link ]
Awaken your tastebuds and experience our all new Thai Green Curry. Inspired by the cuisine of Southeast Asia - be ready for bold flavor and a perfect balance of traditional notes, such as fresh pineapple, snap peas and ginger.
Heat things up with a Noodles Gift Card.

Don't worry, they won't even know that it was a last minute gift.
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Two, new, boldly flavorful bowls are coming to Noodles in 3 days. Will your forks be ready?
Tell someone they’re the macaroni to your cheese with a Noodles gift card. [ Link ]
It's Soup or Bowl Sunday. Let the eating begin!
When it comes to Buffalo Chicken, we don’t just wing it. We Mac & Cheese it with Parmesan Chicken. Get it while supplies last!
Enjoy the best parts of childhood without the worst parts of childhood, and try our Adult Mac & Cheese topped with grown up ingredients like BBQ Pork, Buffalo Chicken, and Bacon Mac & Cheeseburger.