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"New York is expanding its medical marijuana legislation, adding chronic pain to the list of qualifying medical conditions to allow people to obtain the drug."

New Yorkers Will Soon Be Able To Use Pot For Chronic Pain

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"I don't encourage panic or worry, but vigilance. The American people are on our side, good public policy is on our side, science is on our side, and we are winning." - NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri

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NORML's Erik Altieri on Trump and Pot: We Need to Be Ready to Stand and Fight

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"Minnesota veterans and other residents suffering post-traumatic stress disorder will be allowed to use medical marijuana starting in August, the state's Department of Health announced Thursday as it expanded the slim list of conditions that qualify for the program."

Minnesota OKs using medical marijuana for PTSD

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"Backers of laws allowing marijuana use in California are girding for a possible political and legal battle against President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, a staunch foe of pot legalization."

California backers of legalized marijuana fear possible battle with attorney general pick Jeff Sessions

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"In June, Anita Thompson obtained the rights to Thompson’s likeness, ownership of the author’s Owl Farm home and control of the “Gonzo” logo, the Aspen Times reported. And the first official Gonzo merchandise under her stewardship? Gonzo-branded marijuana sold in Colorado, where it is legal to purchase retail cannabis from recreational dispensaries."

Clones of Hunter S. Thompson’s private marijuana strain are coming to Colorado weed shops

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"When both sides in Washington are often more than happy to abuse the powers of the executive office and other levels of government to achieve their goals — but the law is supposed to protect our individual liberties, not stomp all over them. In that regard, I am worried about having Senator Sessions become the next chief law-enforcement officer of the United States. I say this in part because...
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Jeff Sessions Is Wrong on Marijuana Policy

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"Doctors have linked the chronic, degenerative brain disease known as CTE to repeated head trauma. Morgan has been following reports that cannabidiol, or CBD, may be able to help."

Could marijuana compound CBD help NFL players with pain?

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"Voters spoke clearly on election day," NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano added. "They believe that cannabis should be legal and that its sale ought to be regulated accordingly. Politicians should respect these outcomes, not try to ignore them or undermine them."

These States Legalized Marijuana but Now They're Facing a Problem

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"So this is a debate that is now ripe, much in the same way that we ended up making progress on same-sex marriage. There's something to this whole states being laboratories of democracy and an evolutionary approach. You now have about a fifth of the country where this is legal."

On His Way Out the Door, Obama Suggests Marijuana Should Be Legal

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"On the surface, this isn't unusual. Players get suspended for violating the substance abuse policy all the time, and many of them are suspended for using Henderson's substance of choice: marijuana."

NFL bans Bills player for doctor-prescribed marijuana to treat Crohn's disease

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Support the fight for marijuana legalization on #GivingTuesday by making a tax-deductible donation to the NORML Foundation!

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REEFER MADNESS IS ALIVE AND WELL: "Lastly, of those old potheads from school many graduated to more dangerous drugs. One is doing life for cooking meth inside an old gas station. His sentence would’ve been lighter, but he had already done time for running down a 2-year-old when he was higher than the moon, sun and stars. Keep your filth in Oregon!"

Colley: Potheads, stay out of Idaho

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Those in the cannabis law reform community had some reason to be hopeful as Senator Barack Obama became President Barack Obama in January 2009. As a candidate

President Obama’s Legacy on Marijuana: A Tale of Two Terms | The Marijuana Times

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Political leaders in several states, including Arkansas, Maine, and Massachusetts, are threatening to thwart the implementation of voter-approved initiatives specific to the regulation of marijuana.

Some State Leaders Challenging Marijuana Election Results

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"Because of concerns by a city councilor, the department plans to give officers a refresher on a municipal law that makes possession of small amounts of marijuana the lowest law enforcement priority in the city. Officers are also scheduled to receive formal training on the state’s medical marijuana laws."

Santa Fe Police to be retrained on city’s mellow pot ordinance

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"California judges are now setting free scores of people whose pending cases are no longer cases at all. Thousands more in jail or prison, or on probation or parole, are beginning to petition to reduce their sentences. And potentially tens of thousands of citizens with a rap sheet for pot can clear their names."

Green wave: Legalized marijuana setting scores of defendants free

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"Legislators in Texas filed several requests to decriminalize marijuana in the Lone Star state on Nov. 5, the first day of bill filling for the 2017 legislative season, according to reports. When state officials meet in Austin in January, they will consider reducing charges for marijuana possession and replacing them with a civil infraction, resulting in a $250 fine instead of jail time and a...
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Which States Will Legalize Marijuana Next? Texas And Virginia Consider Decriminalizing Pot

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"As the state prepares to expand its highly restrictive medical cannabis program on Jan. 3 following the overwhelming passage of Amendment 2, dispensaries providing oils, low-THC pills, vape pens and other products are expected to pop up by the hundreds around the state."

If you’re eligible for medical pot, how easy will it be to get? Depends on where you live

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