Rescue Alert! Thirteen puppies just arrived on campus from Project Street Dogs Thailand. Help us save more animal lives by donating here: #GetYourRescueOn
"I'm a shy older kitten who is looking for a family who already has a feline friend that I can learn from while I adjust to my new home." -Enchilada (BF1188) #AdoptMe
You may remember Stanley (now Jamie), a blind cocker spaniel who was adopted in the beginning of January! Here's a picture of Jamie sleeping in his new mother's arms.
There's nothing like an impromptu puppy playtime session at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert! #GetYourRescueOn
Wish us luck TONIGHT we're going to be STARS! Watch us on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for a show you won't want to miss. #GetYouRescueOn
"I'm a six year old Feist mix. I may come off shy when you first meet me but, hand me a treat and we'll be the best of friends." -Junior (T96395) #GetYourRescueOn #WoofWednesday
"Hi! My name is Apollo and I am looking for someone to be my Anipal. You must be dedicated to helping me find a family I can call my own." -Apollo (D46115) Apply Now: [ Link ]
"I'm a playful and affectionate three year old terrier mix who is looking for a family to go on walks, play fetch, and even lounge around with!" -Lily (H206598) #WoofWednesday
National Pet Dental Month Fact: It is important to brush your pet’s teeth as early as possible. When their adult teeth are in, about 6-9 months old, it is the best time to start a tooth-brushing regimen. For proper brushing technique place the brush at a 45-degree angle to the teeth and clean in small, circular motions. Try brushing two to three times a week.
"I crossed international waters to see what New York was all about. Once my four feet touched the ground, I knew I never wanted to leave. I can't wait to see what my future brings and to meet my new loving family." -Dawny (IR687)
"2 years ago, on a very cold day, Meg and I walked into a North Shore Animal League mobile van that was parked in shopping center parking lot. The minute we walked in and saw this little guy, we know he was coming home with us. Blue (aka Pablo) has given us so much love and laughter since. He was my comfort buddy during my illness. Every time I needed to get up he would walk in front of me and...
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Do you know how to play the name game with your dog? Watch now to learn how! #NameGame #TipTuesday
Auggie's story is one that will give you hope! A heartwarming won't even recognize her today! #TransformationTuesday

Depressed Dog With ‘Potato Chip-Like Scales’ Looks Completely Unrecognizable After He’s Rescued
What makes a short work week go by faster? Recess! #GetYourRescueOn
"Here is my beautiful Bella. Thank you for allowing us to make her part of our lives. Who saved who? You're looking at her". -Giustina Martire #GetYourRescueOn
"You may remember me I'm Facebook Live famous! I'm active three year old aussie mix looking for a family who can take me to the dog park to play with my canine friends." -Keno (AH517)
It's Love Your Pet Day. Sounds like the perfect time to adopt a new love! #GetYouRescueOn
From office fosters to a home of their own, we are excited to announce that our bonded pair, Kirk and Pepe found their new loving home this weekend after 287 days at our adoption center! #GetYourRescueOn
"The infamous dynamic duo starting some tough business...getting all the treats in the neighborhood." - Quixote and Sancho (BF1603 and BF1604)

North Shore Animal League America
"I'm ready to take on the world but, first your backyard." -Mia (T90533)