"Hello. I am a 2 year old Chihuahua. I had a rough life in California, but I cannot tell you the details. I really am dreaming of my fairy tale, happily ever after. I am a shy boy with tons of wonderful potential. <3 Patch."
4 year old Maybelle wants you to know that 63 pets became important members of forever families this weekend. 32 cats and kittens and 31 puppies and dogs. She sure hopes today is her lucky day to find a forever family!
Unconditional love is the same from a child and a pet. Please be kind to both.
If you are thinking about adoption, here are some things you will need to know.

How to Adopt

"I am a handsome, fun loving 1 year old lab mix and maybe you can help me understand why I have been waiting for more then 3 weeks to find a forever home. Please come on in and spend time with me, I promise you will fall in love and we will live happily ever after. <3 Lincoln."
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A great new online store inspired by an NEAS adoptee! 10% of gross sales will be donated back to help NEAS save more pets. Visit JusLabs today!

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"I am the oldest kitty here and a boy. I am 8 years old and I had a trouble filled life in Virginia, until I was rescued. I know that here I will find a great home. Speak to me softly and rub my cheeks and I will be your forever friend. <3 Mouse."
Elvira, Jasmine, Joy and Maura all want you to know they are patiently waiting to meet their forever families. Site is being updated now! There are also many new cats available. We are located in Salem, MA. and we open our doors to the public at 10AM!
Thank you to all who have donated their paw points to us at the Northeast Animal Shelter. During this quarter we have received 17,000 paw points. These points have been redeemed for 120 bags of 14lb Fresh Step Extreme Clay Litter!
Pease continue to donate points for every bag of litter you purchase!

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"Let me see. Ummm. I am an 8 year old Lab & Heeler mix girl and eligible for the senior for senior program. I am easy going, calm and curious and I love riding around in a car. Do you have a car? Maybe we could take a few trips together and check out the scenery. Oh, and I love chasing squirrels, maybe we can do that together too! <3 Jasmine."
These two sweeties were found in Salem, MA near the dog park. 1 had a very worn collar on. Neither had tags, neither are microchipped. Both are friendly. Looks to have been outdoors for a long while. They walked right over to rescuer. They are on a 5 days stray hold. Bonded pair, so we know they belong together. They are at the Northeast Animal Shelter safe and warm and well fed.
Oh look at this! The cat section on their website is just about empty. lol! Not for long though, because Friday we are going to come out onto the adoption floor. On no! That means the vet is coming to check everyone out tonight. I bet we get adopted super fast!"
Adopt Love.
"I am a southern peach! Always laid back, affectionate and sweet as any pie. You and I are going to be the bestest of friends of that I am 100% sure. I am a 2 year old Jack Russel Terrier girl and I will <3 you all the days for as long as time will be. Come on in and adopt me! :P xoxoxo. Nova."
Nicky is missing! Let's bring him home safe. Do not chase, if seen, please call the # on the flier.
"Arf Arf! I am Lincoln, I am a 1 year old Lab mix boy and I am waiting to be adopted by someone just like you. Watch my video, then promise you will come in tomorrow to meet me! I am ready to move into your heart."


"I heard you were looking to adopt a wonderful adult dog. Many puppies are leaving the building and I think everyone forgot about me. I am 7 years old. Yes, I should address that I look kind of funny right now. You should not worry, I have some allergies and now they are under control so my fur is growing back wonderfully. I am a very nice Lab Mix boy and I am ready for you to fall in...
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We are open! These are some of the sweethearts from Georgia that are available for adoption!
Caption this:
"Are you looking for a little dog that enjoys playing fetch with tennis balls and enjoys cuddling and being carried around? I am a 6 year old boy Chihuahua and I am ready to become a part of your family. <3 Keebler."