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You’ve seen Todd Goldstein, PhD, before…but not like this. When he’s not 3D printing life-changing designs, he’s seeking out his next big adrenaline rush. We followed along on his latest adventure…skydiving! Watch Todd take the plunge in “One in 61,000”: [ Link ]
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Northwell Health
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It took one act of kindness from a complete stranger to save Matthew’s life. He and his mother, Jennifer, both have kidney disease. See how their journey unfolds, as Matthew’s life-changing donation comes in but Jennifer continues to wait. [ Link ]
It took one act of kindness from a complete stranger to save

The long, hard road to becoming a kidney recipient – Northwell Health – Medium
Julie Katz-Shapiro
Nancy Fox Gross
Gina Czark
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Northwell Health
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At 100 years young, very few things will keep Arthur Seidman from volunteering each week. For 22 years (and counting) Arthur has shared his special kindness with our patients. This National Volunteer Week, we celebrate Arthur’s commitment and the commitment of all volunteers at Northwell Health. As Arthur so perfectly puts it, “we’re helping people, and whatever good we can do, we do it.”...
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Oonagh Enright Holt
Eloise Pisano
Karen Kenney LoCasto
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Northwell Health
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A team of innovators joined forces to make one veteran amputee whole again. Check out how the Feinstein Institute’s Todd Goldstein, PhD used a 3D printer to get Dan Lasko back in the water. [ Link ]
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Northwell Health
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Head and neck cancers have the biggest impact on the basic functions of our lives, such as eating, breathing, talking, and drinking. But there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing these cancers.
Head and neck cancers have the biggest impact on the basic functions
The future of health care is bright! When tasked with creating presentations on healthcare careers, over 700 high school students from Long Island and NYC were up to the challenge. Congratulations to all the students for their dynamic and innovative work and to Valley Stream High School for taking the top prize!
Michael Lai
What do you get when you combine ribbons of asparagus and fennel with roasted pecans and lemon vinaigrette? This incredibly healthy and easy to prepare salad coming in at only 168 calories, 7.5g of fat, and 187mg of sodium. This creation came right from one of our chefs, Christopher Amabile at Staten Island University Hospital, and was the winning appetizer at the 2017 Northwell Health Chef...
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Salvatore Spizzirri
Betty Olt
Jason Molinet
After losing the lower half of his leg while serving in Afghanistan, Dan Lasko dreamed of one day teaching his sons how to swim. Innovation has now made it all possible. [ Link ]
After losing the lower half of his leg while serving in Afghanistan

“Living my best life” is Craig Washington’s mantra. After serving in Afghanistan, Craig adopted a “yes” mentality, embracing every new experience that comes his way. Read his inspiring story in this week’s “One in 61,000”: [ Link ]
Craig Washington
Joseph F. Molloy
Omar Lebron
April is Head and Neck Cancer awareness month and Beth Sferrazza, RN reminds us of the signs and symptoms. Know the risk factors too; tobacco and alcohol use and exposure to HPV are among the leaders. Remember, early action can save lives! [ Link ]
April is Head and Neck Cancer awareness month and Beth Sferrazza RN

Center for Head and Neck Oncology | Northwell Health
Dan Lasko was serving in Afghanistan when an explosive severely injured his left leg. After several surgeries, his leg was amputated below the knee. Dan’s life would never be the same. Little did he know, innovation was on his side. Learn more: [ Link ]
Dr Barry Rose
Music is powerful! Just listen to the original song “We are Number One” written and performed by patients at Cohen Children's Medical Center. With the help of our Child Life specialists and Creative Arts therapists, the song was created as a therapeutic activity demonstrating the strong bond between the children, the therapists, and the healing music they create.
Geraldine Smrek Shikora
Carly Coleman
Valerie Aronson Neary
Expecting moms, we’re here for you! We’ve partnered with The Bump to offer Planner+, an interactive feature in The Bump app that will help you stay on track with appointments and will provide detailed guides for each step of your pregnancy. [ Link ]
Expecting moms were here for you Weve partnered with The Bump to

Northwell Teams Up with The Bump to Help Prep Expectant Moms for Prenatal Visits and Provide Need-to-Know Pregnancy Information
Back pain is one of the most common orthopaedic conditions in adults, but it can be treated and prevented with proper care. Attend our free seminar to learn about the following topics:

– Ailments that lead to back surgery
– Common procedures for various back ailments
– Tips for prevention and wellness
– Common causes of, and treatments for, neck and back pain
– The role of physical therapists...
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Back pain is one of the most common orthopaedic conditions in adults

Caring for the Spine: Treating and Preventing Back Pain

Jason Myers
Jason Myers
Jason Myers
A college student and athlete with his life in front of him, Robbie Mieto tragically fell down a flight of stairs at school. He suffered a brain injury so significant that he needed to re-learn how to walk and talk. Mr. G visits Robbie at Transitions, the rehab program that works with traumatic brain injury patients, where he’s turning his own experience into his calling.
Kristin Lin
Nancy Opitz Cerchiara
Aileen Roginski
Hit the streets (or the beach!) and walk with Northwell. Walking is not only good for your health, but it can benefit your community. When you sign up and join us in the Northwell Walk, you're supporting healthcare in the areas that we serve. Join a team or create one for your friends and family. [ Link ]
Hit the streets or the beach and walk with Northwell Walking is

Northwell Health Walk
In this week’s “One in 61,000,” meet Lana Illiano – manager of web production by day, Snapchat addict by night. You won’t be able to resist her infectious laugh. And guess what? She didn’t take her first shower until college. Sound bizarre? Let her explain: [ Link ]
In this weeks One in 61000 meet Lana Illiano manager of web

One in 61,000 | Northwell Health
Katrina Mullaney
Our doctors are our foundation - our real-life superheroes - giving of themselves to improve the lives of others. This National Doctors’ Day we thank them for their wisdom, compassion, expertise and dedication.
Jill Roth Kozik
Did you know your kidneys regulate blood pressure, urine, vitamin D, and blood purification? Keeping them healthy can prevent kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. Dr. Christine Sethna, from Cohen Children's Medical Center has three ways to keep those hard working kidneys healthy.
Did you know your kidneys regulate blood pressure urine vitamin D and

Cohen Children's Medical Center | Northwell Health
Emotions were running high at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine on Match Day, the day medical students find out where they will do their residencies. Lucky for us, 22 percent of the students, who were uniquely trained for the real world of medicine, will stay right here with Northwell. Congratulations!
Al Ritondo