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On these dark spring days, how much sun do you really need?

Quick Dose: 250 Words or Less
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Sleep, sex, sadness – find out all the ways antidepressants can impact your life.

The Extended Impact of Antidepressants
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Twelve-year-old Benny has always preferred life on the "giving side." With rehabilitative help from Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, he's continued to give back even as he fights a brain tumor himself.

Rehab Helps Pediatric Cancer Patient Give Back
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The days of rubbing a little dirt on it are fortunately over.

Concussion Treatment
Searching for better health? We're here to help.

Wellness and Fitness Classes for Spring
Every child can learn to communicate in some way. Here are a few things to know about understanding and connecting with children who are nonverbal.

Encouraging Communication in Children who are Nonverbal
It may be overcast today, but keep protecting yourself with SPF and know that sunnier days are ahead. Happy first day of spring!
Infantile spasms can appear out of nowhere. Fortunately for parents Melissa and Rob, doctors were right where they needed them.

The Importance of Identifying Infantile Spasms
Should you be taking vitamins? If so, what time of day? Find out both and more in this guide to dietary supplements.

‘Sup with Supplements?
Lee A. Lindquist, MD, chief of geriatrics at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, set out to design a website to help prepare people for late in life emergencies, such as falls and memory loss.

Planning for the "Fourth Quarter of Life"
You may be wondering why there's an uptick in vasectomies during March. The answer? Basketball.

Quick Dose: 250 Words or Less
Prevention and early detection keep more and more people colon cancer free each year. Find a physician and get screened today: [ Link ]

Preventing Colorectal Cancer Q&A
For families of little patients in the NICU, being close to your baby is key. Craig Garfield, a neonatal hospitalist at Prentice Women's Hospital and an attending physician at Lurie Children's Hospital, is developing an app that helps parents stay connected with their baby, even when they can't be there.

Parents of preemies will soon have an app, courtesy of Prentice doc
Physicians and scientists are getting a major assist from community faith leaders when it comes to treating trauma in Chicago.

The Bridge to Trauma Treatment
New research examines the impact that living in a disadvantaged neighborhood has on PTSD.

How PTSD is Harming Women in Chicago | Northwestern Medicine
Sleep should be stress-free, for both you and your baby.

Register for Safe Sleep for Your Baby at Lake Forest Hospital
The Lurie Cancer Center’s 24th Annual Cancer Survivors’ Celebration Walk & 5K will take place on Sunday, June 4. Register today and join together with cancer survivors, families, friends, and cancer care teams to celebrate and support survivorship.

Individual and Team Registration Available
Join our licensed physical therapists tomorrow, March 9, for a discussion on strategies to reduce chronic back pain and instability.

Register Today
Amy Tomasulo and neurosurgeon Babak Jahromi, MD, spoke to WGN-TV about a rare facial pain disorder known as trigeminal neuralgia and how fundraising efforts like Laugh Your Face Off support research for a cure.

Funding Research with "Laugh Your Face Off"