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Foolproof plan.

Impeach the crybaby prez: [ Link ]
Happy President's day!

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And to Trump, happy Monday!

Here's a thought: let's impeach the illegitimate president: [ Link ]
When Rush Limbaugh is the only one saying nice things, it's time to call it a day.
Rush Limbaugh: the most credible source.
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Let's impeach Trump before it's too late: [ Link ]
Bitch please.

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Apparently white women are the token minority now.
House Government Oversight Committee Chair, Jason Chaffetz:
Investigates the Benghazi "scandal" 12,000 times.
Won't investigate the Trump-Russia connection.
Poor snowflakes.

Want to make them listen? Check out this awesome project: [ Link ]
Want to make Trump's tweets a tiny bit more bearable? Make them eight again!

You know what would be even better? If he got off Twitter: [ Link ]

Make Trump Tweets Eight Again!!
McConnell vs the press
LOL #sad.

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Friendly reminder!

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Let's help him out with that: [ Link ]

H/t: The Other 98%
Roses are red
Violets are blue
When did you know?
And what gave you the clue?
He has no idea what he's doing in all things...

Let's impeach him: [ Link ]
It's all FAKE NEWS.

Demand an investigation into Trump's love affair with Putin: [ Link ]