Wonder who it could be......?

Get to the bottom of this Trump/Russia relationship: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Wonder who it could be Get to the bottom of this TrumpRussia
Pam Martin
Catherine Ward Bartnikowski
Betsy Smith
Jane Romeo
Wayne Self
Nuyen John
Lets see results, Trump.
Lets see results Trump
Dave Westin
Dayle Jolley
Tammie Price
Pray for him.
Pray for him
Jas Lloyd
Robert Ritter
Rita DiTrolio
Just testing a theory.

Impeach our devil president: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Just testing a theory 

Impeach our devil president
Rachel Price
Sara Chamberlin
Shane Sloan
Wonder why.....

Don't repeal our healthcare, repeal Paul Ryan: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Wonder why 

Dont repeal our healthcare repeal Paul Ryan
Brandon Coleman
Travis Brown
Jas Lloyd
Let's repeal and replace Paul Ryan: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Lets repeal and replace Paul Ryan
Shane Sloan
James White
Dennis Hurry
Dress for success
Dress for success
Jean Nolan Asare
Sheila Fentress-Banta
Cory Murdock
Dan Gray
Chrystal Belle
Erin Blodgett
The best fake news we've seen all day. Click the link, trust us
The best fake news we've seen all day Click the link trust us


Laura Christoffels
Mary Yancey-Wheat
Thomas Maves
I wish I wish with all my heart
I wish I wish with all my heart
Michael Radassao
Tj Thorne
John Willey
We can't wait.
We cant wait
Sabina Schenk
Jeanmarie Maison D'Étoiles
Rick Hayes
Pictured: Trump's daily briefing.
Pictured Trumps daily briefing
Dave Jones
Bill Bruce
Lenny Parrott
Haters and losers.
Haters and losers
Joshua Lau
Tricia Rizzuto
Rick Sparks
Allen Mattila
Rebecca Croyle
Mark Drinkwine
We know a lie when we hear it.
We know a lie when we hear it
James Alan Jones
Stephen Scanlon
Ginger Slocum Flippo
Kelly Killian Jones
Evelyn Acevedo Negron
Teresa Morris Knauss
We miss him more and more each day. Tell Democrats to channel their inner President Obama and fight back, damnit. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Kevin Downton
Ken Pfeiffer
Melinda Ryan

Let's impeach our current one: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Lets impeach our current one
Linda Ayn Edwards
Florinda Lucero
James Alan Jones
ChaCha Smith
Jake Richmond
David Dickason