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Our Leadership Summit is right around the corner! Learn how to be an effective leader and advocate in your community, hear from United Nations and United States government officials, and join the fight to end malaria. We hope to see you there - register here:
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Threats to progress in the fight to end malaria are real. In the Mekong region of Southeast Asia, the emergence and spread of resistance to artemisinin – the most commonly used drug against malaria – threatens to undo hard-fought gains and could be globally devastating if it occurs in a wider geographic area.

Fighting Malaria in Myanmar

Myanmar has made great impact against malaria, but the mission is not complete. A committed, on-the-ground partnership is working to lift the burden imposed ...

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"We’re not playing to catch up; we’re playing to lead the way." – Ashish J. Thakkar, Chairman of the UN Foundation Global Entrepreneurs Council and Founder of Mara Group & Mara Foundation, speaking about Africa at the World Government Summit earlier this week.
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#TBT to last week's Detroit Pistons game when our champions Parker, Giuseppe, and the 5th graders from Wegeinka Elementary School raised $1160 for Nothing But Nets! We all have a role to play in the fight to end malaria, and we're so grateful for the support of our champions around the world.
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Stunning progress against malaria in the past decade has allowed the world to imagine a different future: Finally, a malaria-free Africa is within our reach. Read more from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the President of Liberia, and Aliko Dangote, Nigeria’s Malaria Ambassador: [ Link ]

A malaria-free Africa within reach
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The number of deaths per year has been cut in half since 1990. We are on the path toward that magical number: 0. Zero malaria. Zero TB. Zero HIV. Zero malnutrition. Zero preventable deaths. Read more about the world's progress in Bill Gates and Melinda Gates' Annual Letter: [ Link ]
Recent news stories have painted a dire picture of efforts to combat malaria – from drug-proof cases seen in the UK to the rise of especially fit multidrug-resistant parasites in the Mekong.

But malaria experts say that’s not the full picture. We are closer to malaria elimination in more countries than ever before.

Failing drugs and super bugs: the race to eliminate malaria
Despite widespread global problems like hunger and malaria, Bill Gates has an optimistic outlook on the planet's future -- along with a few ideas on how to make it even better. In this video series, CNN meets the men and women bringing those ideas to life.

Could this chair end malaria?
Efforts against malaria, including insecticide-treated bed nets and artemisinin-based treatments, have cut the rates of malaria transmission particularly in Africa significantly over the last 15 years. But resistance to treatment is slowly developing. We must continue to stay focused on raising funding and awareness in order to end it for good.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Turns Up In The U.K.
Catholic Relief Services and the Global Fund recently launched CRuSh Malaria – a campaign to expand access to antimalarial medication for children in Niger. The campaign aims to reduce the number of malaria cases among children under 5 by 60 percent. Read more: [ Link ]

Niger: Fighting Malaria To Save Children
Over the past 15 years, the number of annual deaths due to malaria has plummeted by about 400,000, according to the World Health Organization.

But that progress is in jeopardy. We must remain focused on the fight to end malaria.

Opinion | Malaria is getting bigger and badder — and we’re not ready for it
Environmental and social risks are growing, and there are more refugees worldwide than ever. A film from the Business & Sustainable Development Commission and The Economist shows why there’s an enormous business opportunity in addressing these challenges #betterbiz #GlobalGoals
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Sustaining Your World: How Business Can Help Solve the Planet's Challenges

There's real value in transforming society. CEOs from some of the world's biggest companies have formed the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, ...

Did you know that the positive economic impact of the United Nations is like hosting SEVEN Super Bowls a year in New York City? More via Better World Campaign: [ Link ]
Happy birthday to the man who started it all, our co-founder Rick Reilly! 10 years ago, he wrote the column that spurred our mission to help end malaria. Celebrate today by sending a life-saving net in his honor at
Funding the UN ensures the US keeps its seat at the negotiating table and that millions of lives aren't needlessly put in danger. Policy measures that are currently being proposed would dramatically slash funding to UN agencies, including those working to provide life-saving malaria interventions to vulnerable children and families around the world.

These cuts would have devastating...
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Hurting the United Nations hurts the United States
In Photos: How President's Malaria Initiative supported malaria fighters are shaping Guinea’s health system after Ebola:

How Malaria Fighters Are Shaping Guinea’s Post-Ebola Health System – 2 0 3 0
Tell Congress: Withdrawing from the United Nations or defunding it will not serve US interests. As we speak, the UN is on the frontlines working to fight Al Qaeda affiliats in Mali, coordinating 16 peacekeeping operations, sheltering refugees in conflict zones, feeding families in drought ridden areas, and leading the international response to global health emergences like Zika. Act now:...
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Tell U.S. Leaders: Defunding or withdrawing from the UN is not an option! - Better World Campaign
The United Nations is indispensable to tackling global challenges. Every day, the UN distributes over 73,000 insecticide-treated bed nets to fight malaria, provides vaccinations to 40 percent of the world's children, feeds 80 million individuals, and helps 65 million refugees & displaced persons. TAKE ACTION & tell Congress to fund the life-saving work of the UN:
All US funding for the United Nations is under threat! Tell President Trump to follow Ambassador Nikki Haley's advice and not "slash and burn" funding. Call the White House at 202-456-1414 via The Better World Campaign.