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Ian Frazier once wrote: Siberia is so big, it’s almost more an idea than a place”. The modern idea of Siberia is a theme of Naya Rea latest collection SIBERIA DREAM.

The designer was born and raised in Siberia, and the solemn, eternal beauty of this mysterious land had a major influence on the way she thinks about colours and textures. Siberia is majestic, vast, snowy land of fairy tale...
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The Care Label Project: Designers Join The Fight Against Fast Fashion

Emerging designers join forces to change the way we care for our clothes, and fight the continuous acceleration of the fashion industry. | AEG Global​ #Carelabelproject
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AEG and NJAL Launch The Care Label Project | Don't Overwash: Why We All Need To Be Educated on Fabric Care.

To change the way we care for our clothes – prolonging their lives and learning how to respect the environment – NJAL is proud to partner with AEG in initiating their Care Label Project. Alongside selected industry partners, AEG today launches a new care label symbol: ‘Don’t Overwash’...
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NJAL founder Stefan @the.Siegel will be speaking at @CCS_Detroit tomorrow! Register here to attend: #lecture @ccs_fad #fashionccs #ccsstudents #ccsalumni #njal
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Yuteng brings his love of tailoring together with the interest in clean lines and tough structure of menswear to Xixaw, which inspires to integrate the simple profile of tough and clean lines to create a handsome, chic yet easy to wear image: | @xixawnewyork
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Hazza is a unisex ethical brand, and independently owned design led by Hassan Alfaziz Iddriss based in Ghana and inspired by his heritage and always trying to portray his culture & African culture.

The fashion brand was established in the year 2013 with basis of styling people, and also dealing with vintage apparel and also into contemporary kind of fashion. Hazza Officiale |
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Warren & Monette: Fast Fashion brings us average 80 billion pcs of clothes annually; what you don’t know about it is that it also brings about severe pollution, just slighter than what Petrochemical Industry does. Warren & Monette manifests “Slow Fashion”.

We put aside the rushing fad. We focus on elegant, leisure and eternal attitude toward life. Popularizing Organic Cotton is the genesis...
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LRNCE is a Belgian based fashion label, that focusses on backpacks and accessories.

The label was founded a little less than two years ago by Laurence Leenaert. Her work is inspired by the cults and rituals of tribes.

She was fascinated by the life of the nomads and their recycling of items. This influenced her new collection. The symbols and colors which she came across in the desert also...
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SainteCourtisane's designs outline a free and contemporary femininity. The French brand comprises a line of signature pieces characterized by the finest cut and refined attention to detail. Pragmatic elegance and reasonable audacity, Sainte Courtisane defines the idea of garment as being part of the everyday quality of life for emancipated women. The essence of the brand represents a way of...
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Ana Gaprindashvili, discussing this inspiration and themes behind her debut collection -

While working on this collection my main object of interest was ethnic culture and its motives, so my main subject of research became the tribe of ACOMA PUEBLO.

The pottery of ACOMA has strongly recognized foot fluted rims, thin walls, and geometric design.All this detail I connected to...
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Isola Studio of Art, Paris

Collection Zero: The two main inspirations are baroque arts and hip hop culture. These influences can be recognized throughout shapes, designs and fabrics. Indeed, we used embroideries, and prints to express the baroque influence and the shapes are contemporary. Explore now: [ Link ]
Verena Schepperheyn's latest collection inspired by the broad work of Bauhaus artist Oskar Schlemmer. An interplay of organic and geometrical forms characterises his work.

Especially his Dance performances, set within the Bauhaus design school, were inspirational for the collection. The dances draw on simple gestures—walking, sitting, jumping—the dancers are to be perceived as figures...
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What Happens When Creatives Leave?

As rents sky rocket & gentrification continues its steady march, local governments in the world's largest cities are struggling to retain talent -
Roni Bar - Born at kibbutz Ein Hahoresh, and graduated the Ascola school of design in 1999. Based in Tel Aviv. The label Roni Bar was established in 2000, and brought with it a new state of mind to the fashion scene in Tel Aviv, emphasising modernity and the individual.

The approach is androgynous and minimalist, including experiments with shapes, volume and proportions. Blending the casual...
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Polimoda Master's Scholarship: Meet the Jury, the Industry Trailblazers Selecting Tomorrow's Creative Directors -

The world's foremost milliner Philip Treacy, PR-guru Kelly Cutrone, LVMH's Creative Talent Manager Manuela Brini, Polimoda's Linda Loppa and Danilo Venturi as well as NJAL CEO & Founder, Stefan Siegel, will be forming the jury to select the aspiring creative...
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Polimoda Master's Scholarship: Meet the ten finalists competing for a free scholarship at Polimoda, Florence:

Hundreds of applications have been received over the past weeks, to win a scholarship for Polimoda's Master's in Creative Direction worth €26,000. The jury composed of industry pioneers such as Linda Loppa, Philip Treacy, Kelly Cutrone, Manuela Brini and Stefan Siegel...
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Marlou Breuls: ”Today I want people to fall in love with fashion. Tomorrow I hope they will be blown away by fashion. Similarly to a painting or sculpture that can warm your heart with their endless details."

The Dutch masters have determined the shape and form of the collection. It has alienated the relationship between canvas, sculpture and model | [ Link ]

We have arrived on top of the mountain, on which we have been trying to balance for some time now. The collection emerged from a longing, a yearning for a world of our own, free from restrictions. The design process became a personal journey into what freedom really means.
A project initiated by ArtEZ Fashion Design in...
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London College of Fashion MA Menswear graduate. Changxi Shao's latest collection named "THE SPACE MAN." The space suit seen as the ultimate in protective workwear protects from injury.The use of adjustable seaming, filler and down detail highlights protection with comfort. In all ages, the human body has experienced various kinds of trauma, warfare, conflicts, accidents and even natural...
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