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It takes a good balance of plant and animal foods ...

Nutrient Showdown: Best Sources of Vitamins & Minerals

Today is wonderfully chilly, and all I can think about making is this soup.

Thai-Style Chicken Soup with Lemongrass and Coconut Milk

No fads. Just simple strategies to support your goals.

Want to eat better in 2017? Here’s what actually works.

For those of you with picky eaters, or who just want to raise kids with a healthy attitude toward food, this is a good read...

4 Steps Towards Ending Mealtime Squabbles With Your Kids This Year

Need a little luck in the New Year? Try these creamed collard greens. *Absolutely* amazing.

a recipe for good luck: creamed collard greens

We're making cookies for Santa Claus today, how about you? This is a recipe for einkorn sugar cookies ([ Nourishedkitchen.com Link ], except that we used a basic buttercream and dyed it with natural pigment!
You wouldn't think it, but chickpeas make an *amazing* cake.

Chickpea and Tahini Cake with Olive Oil and Honey

if you want to lighten up your Christmas table, this is a good one!

Autumn Fruit Salad with Gingered Kombucha Maple Vinaigrette

Have you heard that you can grow a kombucha starter from a bottle you buy at the grocery store? Here's what you need to know.

Problems Growing A Kombucha SCOBY Culture: Mold, Weak Brew

I'd like to sit down to this table!

What are your family's holiday traditions?

Holiday food traditions from around the world

I'm making a Cherry Tomato Confit for a Yuletide Party we're hosting in a couple of days. Aren't these colors gorgeous?

I used Jovial's olive oil, my favorite for general cooking. You can preorder their newly pressed olive oil now and save $10: [ Jovialfoods.com Link ]
We LOVE these Sweet Potato and Yellow Split Pea Latkes. Super easy to make and delicious when served with cilantro sour cream.

Sweet Potato and Yellow Split Pea Latkes