Nova Scotia
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Happy World Whale Day! We are so fortunate to have these magnificent creatures swimming in our ocean.

Featured Photo by Mariner Cruises Whale and Seabird Tours
Nova Scotia
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We celebrated Valentine's Day and weathered a couple storms this past week. This week's Friday Fan photos are a mix of after the storm photos but also all that we love about Nova Scotia!

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Nova Scotia
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Summer dreaming? These photos are sure to inspire your Nova Scotia vacation. From where would you like to send a postcard?

30 Postcards from Nova Scotia - Hecktic Travels
Nova Scotia
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Great contest from The Coast, Halifax's Weekly & White Point Beach Resort! Details in the photo description. Share some love!
Painting or picture? What do you think?

Featured photo of dreamy Peggy's Cove on a summer day by @halifaxlogan on Instagram.
#TBT to a summer sunset hike on the Skyline Trail. Share if this is on your bucket list.

About the Skyline Trail: [ Link ]
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A great view above the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site in winter. Halifax is always waiting to explore.

Featured Photo by @902drone #visitnovascotia #explorecanada
Isn't the colourful Town of Lunenburg beautiful with a light dusting of snow?

Featured Photo by @rsadventure on Instagram.
This week's fan photos will inspire both winter adventures and summer vacations. A mix of photos from this past week and some throwbacks to warmer days. Thanks to all those who share with us.

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Throwback Thursday - a little something from the Planet D to inspire your summer adventure. What do you most want to see?
Breathe in the peacefulness. Meat Cove is one of those places often described as the end of the earth. This tucked away campground in Northern Cape Breton is the perfect place to feel a little zen. Tag someone who would love it as much as you do.

Where's Meat Cove? [ Link ]
Winter or tropics? Points to anyone who can guess where this shot was taken.

Featured Photo by @gmann14 on Instagram
Everyday is a beach day in Nova Scotia - The beautiful beach alongside the Quarterdeck Beachside Villas & Grill

Featured Photo by @joeamaclellaninthewoods on Instagram. [ Link ]
You can only do this in Nova Scotia! Who do you know that would love to try this?

In Nova Scotia, tidal-bore rafting offers a uniquely muddy adventure
Every year in a magical place called Sheffield Mills, photographers and spectators alike gather to watch the eagles.

Check out the 25th Annual Eagle Watch and pancake breakfast - January 28-29 and February 4-5 from 8:30am to 12:30pm. Enjoy live music, eagle displays, delicious breakfast and the chance to witness the eagles up close.

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Beautiful hikes with scenic ocean views, are you planning a visit to Cape Breton Highlands National Park?

The Most Beautiful National Parks to Visit in Canada This Year - The Full-Time Tourist
Let this week's fan photos brighten up your day!

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Would you? Could you?

Featured Photo by @acorn_art_photography via @destinationhalifax on Instagram
A seabound coast like ours is bound to present more than a few lighthouses - each of them unique, with their own stories to tell.

Do you like to visit lighthouses when you vacation?

Nova Scotia Is Home To Some Of The Most Beautiful Lighthouses In The World (15 Photos)