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When the rationale for an instructional strategy is to save time or be more efficient, the likelihood of an instructional backfire is high.

Why Even Great Teaching Strategies Can Backfire And What To Do About It
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in Claire Rosen's new book "Imaginarium," one image shows a young girl about to be dragged into the sky by a pack of flying toy horses. The book is filled with inspiring quotations, practical advice, resources and required reading,

How Do You Dream Up A Cockatoo Feast? An Artist Explains In 'Imaginarium'
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The flu kills thousands each year, and even when it doesn’t kill, it still sucks. So here are a few things to know:

1. It's especially bad for old folks and little ones.

10 Things To Know About This Flu Season, Starting With No. 1: It's Not Even Over
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"When it comes to quantum physics and what it tell us about matter and materialism, we must work hard to distinguish what's solid ground and what is swamp."

Mind, Matter And Materialism
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Carrie Lam, 59, said her priority would be to "heal the divide" in Hong Kong society, vowing to form a government based on talent, not connections.

Carrie Lam, Beijing's Favored Candidate, Elected To Lead Hong Kong
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Diana Gameros says she wrote "¿Cómo Hacer?" to express some of the emotion she felt at being unable to return to her home country, Mexico.

Tiny Desk Contestant Diana Gameros: 'How Can I Dissolve Borders?'
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In an interview about her new role as Zelda Fitzgerald in "Z: The Beginning of Everything," actress Christina Ricci tells NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro:

"She was never allowed to be anything more than his [F. Scott Fitzgerald's] wife, and that wasn't enough for her. And it ultimately led to her nervous breakdown."

Forget F. Scott: In 'Z,' Christina Ricci Tells Zelda Fitzgerald's Story
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As money continues to pile up for The Resistance, there's another question facing key players: how quickly should they spend it?

'The Resistance' Faces A New Question: What To Do With All That Money
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Qari Yasin, Pakistani terrorist leader with ties to al-Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban has reportedly been killed.

Pakistani al-Qaeda Leader Killed In U.S. Strike In Afghanistan
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With telehealth appointments, you get to consult a doctor from your home, the office, Starbucks or anywhere with a wifi or mobile connection. But a new study shows that total annual spending
is $45 more per patient than in-person visits.

Telehealth Doctor Visits May Be Handy, But Aren't Cheaper Overall
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These entomologists are hoping you'll appreciate insects in the way they do. Just try not to bug out when you see these photos.

To Put You At Ease With Creepy-Crawlies, Entomologists Face Your Fears
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INGA Wellbeing co-founder Nikla Lancksweert's says it's tough enough having to undergo cancer treatments, that the patient shouldn't also have to go through the "dehumanizing" experience that comes with wearing traditional hospital clothing.

Trendy Hospital Clothing To Make Cancer Patients Dress 'Well' Even When Unwell
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Consumer Reports has partnered with Ranking Digital Rights to rate the privacy standards of telecom and Internet companies, among them Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft.

But none of the companies have ranked above a grade D.

Companies And Users Can Do More To Stay Secure With 'Smart' Devices
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Duncan Hines changed the way America ate on the open road. But he wasn't a chef — in truth, he could barely cook. For most of his career, he had just been a businessman, desperate for a decent meal on the road. Read his story.

Duncan Hines: The Original Road Warrior Who Shaped Restaurant History
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One pioneer in this effort was ESPN. The network has dedicated major resources to its Spanish-language viewers and, by extension, to the coverage it gives Spanish-speaking athletes in general.

How Latino Players Are Helping Major League Baseball Learn Spanish
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By now, you've had your coffee, so you should be all perked up to take our quiz.

Which virus inspired the movie "Contagion?"

QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Global Pandemics And Killer Viruses?
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"They are fighters," director Maysaloun Hamoud says of her film’s main characters. "Each of them, in her way, fights to not compromise herself."

New Film Spotlights Palestinian Women Navigating Life 'In Between' Cultures
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The husband may threaten, "Do this, or I'll talaq [divorce] you."

Muslim Women In India Ask Top Court To Ban Instant Divorce
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This week, Alabama will join Ohio and New Jersey in making free baby boxes available to the families of all newborns in the state.

Have you used a baby box for your newborns? What should soon-to-be parents know?

States Give New Parents Baby Boxes To Encourge Safe Sleep Habits
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It could've been the week President Donald J. Trump turned his presidency around. Instead, it was his worst week to date, writes NPR's Ron Elving.

Week Of High Expectations Stumbles To New Lows For Team Trump