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GUN OF THE DAY - Pistol Carbine
Our GOTD presents a question: is it a pistol, a carbine or both? Our Springfield Armory Model 1855 Pistol-Carbine is a combination percussion package, offering a .58 caliber rifled-bore pistol that can be easily attached to a shoulder stock. Providing the best of both worlds, just a little over 4,000 of these arms were made from 1855 to 1857.
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GUN OF THE DAY - First Museum Gun
The NRA Museums collection once started with just one firearm and this engraved .50-70 Remington rolling block rifle is that gun. Won by D. Barclay in two matches of the NRA in 1874, this single-shot is one gun that decided to come back to us. But currently you can see it at our Springfield, MO location on exhibit.
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There are only two full days left at the 2017 SHOW Show in Las Vegas. If you're attending the show be sure to visit the NRA Museums booth (# 14540) to see gems from the collection on display. 8:30-5:30 Thursday and 8:30-4:00 Friday.
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GUN OF THE DAY - One Millionth Savage
High number GOTD action always gathers a crowd and this gold-inlaid Savage Model 1899 rifle is no exception. In what some may consider a coincidence, the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO - where this .300 Savage rifle is currently displayed, recently received its one millionth visitor.
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Happy #MuseumSelfieDay from all of us at the NRA Museums!
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Happy #MuseumSelfieDay from all of us at the NRA Museums!
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Senior Curator Phil Schreier lends his extensive knowledge of the history integral suppressors to SilencerCo in their new video!
[ Link ]

SilencerCo Innovation Story

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GUN OF THE DAY - Liu Rifle
This 8mm semi-auto Chinese Liu rifle was manufactured in the USA as a prototype for production overseas around 1915. But the boat carrying the machinery sank in transit.
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GUN OF THE DAY - Beretta 92SB Military Trials Pistol
This 9mm semi-automatic pistol was part of a limited group tested in the U.S. military XM9 trials that determined the sucessor to the Model 1911 .45 pistol. Maintained in unfired condition, this pistol was utIlized for several photography sessions illustrating the new military pistol. After the trials were over (in which Beretta was...
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GUN OF THE DAY - Bill Jordan's Colt Border Patrol Revolver
Designed by Bill Jordan (d. 1997) and Harlon Carter (d. 1992) for the U.S. Border Patrol, this revolver later evolved into the popular Colt Trooper. This prototype is one of only 400 manufactured in the .38 Special caliber. Made in 1952, it was Bill Jordan's personal sidearm and bears his name engraved on the side of the...
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We are open today! 9:30am - 5pm with FREE ADMISSION!
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GUN OF THE DAY - Calico M951 Carbine
Some of the guns we feature for GOTD make the cut because they are unusual-looking; others, because of their unique serial number. Today's GOTD falls into both of those categories. Calico began manufacturing operations in 1986 and this semi-automatic carbine in 9mm was one of the first arms completed, bearing serial number NRA000001. The California state...
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GUN OF THE DAY - Blown-Up S&W Model 66 Revolver
This stainless steel revolver, chambered in .357 Magnum and made in 1974, illustrates what happens when an overcharge of gunpowder detonates in a cylinder chamber. The topstrap on this revolver broke off of the frame at the front and the rear sight was thrown off and not recovered. The bulged and ruptured cylinder can be opened and closed back...
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GUN OF THE DAY - Freund Sharps Rifles
On the frontier, finely crafted rifles could make the difference between bringing game home or eating another unappetizing plate of beans. Our pair of Sharps single-shot .45 rifles are part of the Peter Dowd collection currently featured on exhibit in our galleries. Frank and George Freund were brothers in arms, gunmakers in Western towns including...
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Join us in Las Vegas, NV for SHOT Show, and check out some of the guns we brought with us! [ Link ]

NRA Museums Bringing Special Firearms Showcase to SHOT Show in Las Vegas
GUN OF THE DAY - Engraved Dragoons
Sam Colt gets credit for producing many of our featured GOTD treasures, and this pair of scroll-engraved Colt Dragoon revolvers remains a museum staff favorite. These two .44 percussion six-shooters are consecutively numbered and were presented to a member of the Mounted Rifles just after the Mexican War.
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GUN OF THE DAY - Four Great Colts
There are GOTDs and then there are GOTDs from a Maharajah. This four-Colt set consists of two Model 1849 .31 caliber guns and two Model 1851 .36 caliber guns. Finished in both fine blue and golden damascene, this percussion handgun grouping was presented to a British officer serving in India.
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GUN OF THE DAY - AYA No. 1 Shotgun
Not often can we showcase an Aguirre y Aranzabal (AYA) shotgun as a royal gift GOTD. This 12 gauge No. 1 shotgun was presented to American TV network executive Sheldon Gilbert as a token of appreciation from a Saudi Arabian prince for setting up the first national television network.
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GUN OF THE DAY - US Model 1816 Contract Musket
This .69 caliber musket was made by Nathan Starr of Middletown, Connecticut, as part of a government contract for military arms. The muskets sported a 42-inch smoothbore barrel with a bayonet lug on the end. Starr also had another contract for Model 1817 muskets in .54 caliber.
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GUN OF THE DAY - Knife Pistol
Our GOTD is experiencing an identity crisis. Is it a pocket knife or is it a pocket pistol? In any event, this .22 single-shot was registered through the Internal Revenue Service many, many years ago. For close personal protection, this combination arm was one that could also open the day's mail if necessary.
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