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Are you a learner driver or know one? Here are some tips and rules every learner should know! Tag all the learner drivers you know!
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We think nothing can beat a classic MG! Like for old, comment for new!
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Severe storm hits Sydney with large hail. If you have been impacted and would like to make a claim you can save time by doing it online. Click here: [ Link ]
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Sometimes cars have dreams of becoming a motorcycle... doesn't always work out.
Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day!
Social media drives decision-making in our social lives! Make sure your business isn't missing out

Why social media is a game changer for hospitality
Do you think car A or car B would be at fault in this accident? Share your answer below!
#NRMAInsuranceboathack Wipe your boat down with liquid soap before a long drive to make bugs and dirt easy to remove once you arrive.
#NRMAInsurancetravelhack Carry an empty water bottle to the airport to avoid paying triple the price for water once past security.
#NRMAsafetytip Keep an internal fire extinguisher in easy reach to assist in extinguishing any small fires that may start around the home. Find out more safety tips here:
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Happy Lunar New Year 2017! #LNY2017
However you plan to spend your day, we hope you have fun and stay safe!
Be smart about how to ride on the open road and how to take care of yourself and your bike!

Bike smart
Which Monaro do you prefer? Like for old, comment for new!
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You might not think it but most house fires start on the stove. Watch as Confidence shows you how to keep a cool head if the heat is getting too hot in the kitchen.
Just be a good mate and help them clean it up after you take it out!
Just be a good mate and help them clean it up after you take it out!
We asked a few motorcycle riders why they love riding!
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Who do you think has right of way, car A or car B?
Today is going to be a scorcher! Just a reminder, please don't leave your child or pet inside your car, not even for a few minutes. Car temperatures can be 30 degrees higher than outside, which would quickly become deadly to anyone that remains in the car on a days like today
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