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You might not think it but most house fires start on the stove. Watch as Confidence shows you how to keep a cool head if the heat is getting too hot in the kitchen.
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Just be a good mate and help them clean it up after you take it out!
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Just be a good mate and help them clean it up after you take it out!
We asked a few motorcycle riders why they love riding!
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Who do you think has right of way, car A or car B?
Today is going to be a scorcher! Just a reminder, please don't leave your child or pet inside your car, not even for a few minutes. Car temperatures can be 30 degrees higher than outside, which would quickly become deadly to anyone that remains in the car on a days like today
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#NRMAInsuranceboathack No stereo system on board? Place your phone inside a cup with the volume up high and you will have your very own speaker!
Small business owners usually start their business because they are passionate about what they do! However, research has revealed small business owners have very little downtime! Read more here:

Love not money
#NRMAInsurancetravelhack Keep your shirt collars crisp and wrinkle-free by rolling up your belt and placing it inside the collar of your shirt.
We have a great New Years resolution for you: Get the confidence to improve your game with the Football, NRMADE Better Training app.
Enjoy the New Year celebrations but remember dogs are super
sensitive to loud noises like music and fireworks.
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Big feast, new toys or a little me-time? Choose the emoji that represents how you will spend Christmas.
Buying a boat to cruise around in for the summer? Don't forget this essential check list before buying.

Buying a second hand boat?
What better way to bring in the new year then to watch the Wanderers take on Perth Glory in our own VIP Dugout!

Simply tell us what your favourite skill within the Football, NRMADE Better Training app is and why.

The 3 most interesting responses will win a VIP Dugout experience (4 tickets) to the game on January 1st. Hurry, competition closes on 19.12.16 at 2:00PM. For T&Cโ€™s see [...
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Shops are getting too busy... so please, don't do this!
#NRMAInsuranceboathack Place a damp towel under your esky, that way it won't slide around when you're out at sea! Do you have any of your own handy boating hacks?
NRMA Insurance and Western Sydney Wanderers FC have teamed up with Western Sydney University to create the inaugural NRMA Insurance and Western Sydney Wanderers Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander scholarship.
Entries close 17th of March, for more information please click here: [ Link ]
Getting married? Here are a few of Australiaโ€™s best wedding destinations!

Unique Australian wedding destinations
The NRMA FireBlanket Project: An early bushfire detection and monitoring network.