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Brake fluid has a lifespan. When was the last time you checked yours?


Why you should check your brake fluid before holidays

WEEKLY POLL: Do you think a class-room based attitude test should be added to the driving test to educate learners on courteous and safe driving?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Unsure

Just answer in the comments below. Thanks!
By following this advice, you'll help the learner in your life become a confident and safe driver! mynr.ma/help-learner

How to help your Learner Driver

An NRMA Member recently asked us if it was an offence to have a camera attached to your motorbike helmet while riding. Here is the answer: mynr.ma/gopro-helmet

Ask NRMA: Is it illegal to attach a camera to motorbike helmet?

We explore why NSW is banning green P platers from using any function of their phones while driving: mynr.ma/greenp-news

Why is NSW is targeting Green P Platers?

Today's operation is targeting traffic offences around school zones, people using mobile phones while driving, people not keeping left, and inspecting cars for defects: mynr.ma/police-sz-op

NSW Police target school zone compliance today

Look after the the learner in your life this Christmas: mynr.ma/xmas-voucher

Lessons for your learner

Tip 1: If signage indicates there is one space left on a level, don't charge towards it!

See article for more: mynr.ma/xmas-parking

Stress-free Christmas shopping car parking tips

From Thursday, P2 holders will no longer be permitted to use a mobile phone at all while driving or riding.

P Platers Mobile Phone Law to Change from Thursday

It's a bad idea to drive with the wrong kind of footwear on. Do you have a pair of shoes you use for driving? mynr.ma/driving-shoes

ASK NRMA: What sort of footwear should I drive in?

A man caught driving at more than 120km/h over the speed limit sums up the hazards facing authorities in a year of higher motoring fatalities. mynr.ma/231kmh

231km/h hoon symbolises road safety challenge

A Member asked us recently on Facebook if pram parking spots are for pregnant women as well: mynr.ma/pram-parking

Do you think it sounds fair that a heavily pregnant lady should access pram parking?

Ask NRMA: Who can use 'parking with prams' spaces?

1,2... crash.
That's all it takes.


The deadly dangers of distraction while driving

NSW Police Force's Operation Saturation begins at midnight and will focus on speeding, seatbelt and helmet compliance, drink and drug driving, driver fatigue and illegal mobile phone use, statewide: mynr.ma/policeop

New NSW Police Traffic Operation begins at midnight

MICRO FACE OFF: We tested three of the best micro cars in Australia, all priced from around $15k, to see which one wins: mynr.ma/which-micro

Holden Spark vs Kia Picanto vs Mitsubishi Mirage

Remember this one from the ACT in 2008? Still hits the mark!
The schoolies road trip can be a young driver's first driving experience on highways and freeways. It's really important to be mindful of these tips: mynr.ma/schoolies

How To Handle The Schoolies Road Trip