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Kick off your week with a special CryptoChallenge Puzzle! [ Link ] (Stumped by last week’s puzzle? The answer was, “The first video on YouTube was of the company's co-founder at the San Diego Zoo talking about the elephants behind him.”)
Today, NSA is honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and celebrating our own workforce’s diverse experiences, perspectives and viewpoints. [ Link ]

Greater Diversity, Better Outcomes

NSA's Admiral Mike Rogers explains how a diverse workforce generates better outcomes for the nation. For more information about careers at NSA,...

We’re not just proud of our employees on a professional level. They also amaze us on a personal level. Thanks to all who have signed up once again to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign. [ Link ]

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Our latest puzzle is posted! [ Link ] (Couldn’t solve our last puzzle? The answer was, “The joint NSA-DIA project COINS gave intelligence customers direct access to electronic SIGINT – a first step toward a comprehensive information sharing network.”)
#1 – By far, we are most thankful for our amazing coworkers! We can’t tell you WHAT they do. But we CAN tell you they are some of the best and brightest minds around. And we wouldn’t want to kick off the new year with anyone else!
#2 What makes each and every one of us unique. Not just skin color, culture, orientation, gender or gender identity. We bring together all of that and more to contribute to something bigger than ourselves – our national security.
#3 Leadership that “gets us.” [ Link ]
#4 Those who have served. You’re dedicated, education and mission-oriented! And you have made some of the BEST additions to our team.
#5 Our Future. Think we can’t see our future? Think again! We get the pleasure of working with the next generation of brilliant minds every day! [ Link ]
#6 Flexibility. We love the flexible work schedules NSA offers. Visit [ Link ] to learn more.
#7 Opportunity. Have you ever wanted to try something completely different? If we do, we CAN. We REALLY can. Even if it means cross-training into an entirely new career field. Sound crazy? To us it sounds like just another day at work.
#8 Our work. Sure, we love our weekends like anyone else. But we also LIVE for our work. Why? Simply put, there aren’t many other jobs that can be described by using words like: challenging, rewarding, life-changing and yes, history-making!
#9 We’re MORE than STEM. Yes, we LOVE STEM. But we also love that we’re so much more. And surrounded by amazing professionals in a wide variety of career fields! [ Link ]
We’re taking a break from our regular conversation and rounding out the last days of 2016 by listing our OWN Top Ten list of things for which we are grateful. Keep checking back through the end of the year. We’ll start with something fun …
#10 STEM! Not just the skills, but the actual acronym. Spelled out, it’s a mouthful. But as an acronym, it provides a quick way to explain the skills that...
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Gear up for the holidays with this week’s CryptoChallenge Puzzle! [ Link ] (Stumped by last week’s puzzle? The answer was, “Molecular gastronomy is the scientific study of the physical and chemical reactions that occur while cooking and preparing foods.”)
In honor of UN Arabic Language Day, we’d like to honor our diverse workforce and the many cultures that combine to protect our nation. [ Link ]

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Hot Job! Apply today! [ Link ]