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Aquaculture or fish farming is relatively new to South Africa but has expanded in nearly all provinces on commercial and rural platforms. Fish like any other animal are protected by the provisions in the Animals Protection Act, no. 71 of 1962 and humane methods from rearing to harvesting must be implemented at all such facilities.
A fish farm in the North West was recently inspected and some...
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It would appear that livestock auctioneers and owners of auction sites or sale yards are under the impression that farm animals do not require water during auction sales.
This deduction was reached during recent inspections at auction sales in the North West province. Auctioneers and facility owners argued that animals are watered by the owners before being brought to the auctions and they...
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Animals enter and leave South Africa’s land borders on a daily basis. The journeys are often long and arduous and the animals at times may go for two to three days or longer without any food or water. Within South Africa livestock must be fed, watered and rested after 18 hours of being in transit. This is in accordance with SANS 1488:2014 Humane transportation of livestock by road, however,...
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Dog Fighting is happening every hour, every minute, of every day. It is cruel and illegal.
The NSPCA Special Investigations Unit needs an additional vehicle to combat dog fighting.
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The common belief that rabbits should be kept in a raised wooden box in the garden is not conducive to kind and proper rabbit care. Rabbits need to be able to do rabbit things in a safe and enriched environment. It does not cost a lot of money to provide such an environment.

One needs to ensure that the fencing is placed deep enough in the ground so that your sterilised...
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Contrary to popular belief white cats are not albinos. Albino cats are quite rare. The difference between albino cats and white cats is that albino cats have no colour pigment at all and thus their eyes are pink whereas white cats have coloured eyes and have colour pigment in the skin around the eyes. Albino cats lack colour pigment whereas white cats have a dominant white gene...
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