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We are looking forward to training new Animal Protectors this year!
YOU are a role player in addressing dog fighting and saving lives. For more information on how you can help put a stop to dog fighting, follow this link: [ Internetsite.co.za Link ]
The petition below is going to the South Korean government - which is already under some public pressure - asking them to change laws and save dogs from hell:
[ Soidog.org Link ]

Shut down South Korean dog meat farms

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We have a few of these Limited Edition ''SPCA Supporter'' and ''Team National SPCA'' Running and Cycling shirts for sale.

They are Anatomic shirts, the best quality, and are very complimentary to any body shape.

Please contact: marketing@nspca.co.za for more information or to place an order.

If you have a Labrador or Lab type dog, you probably wonder why he loves water so much. Whether it’s a water in a bucket, a fountain, a pool, or the beach, Labradors seem to lose their minds over water. So, why do Labs love water so much?

First of all, there are some Labs who hate water but most of them do enjoy it. Ask some Lab owners if their dogs’ love...
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Large boxes, shoe boxes, and even just objects that look like boxes attract cats. They can't seem to resist squeezing into cardboard spaces no matter how hard they try to ignore it.

Scientists say they haven't fully understood why our feline friends have an affinity for boxes, but they have a number of theories.
The most popular is that cats are...
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Horror Findings in Soweto: Criminal charges in terms of the Animals Protection Act will be laid against the owners the of a property in Protea Glen, Soweto where a joint operation involving staff from the Roodepoort SPCA and the National Council of SPCAs on 06 January 2017 uncovered horrific animal cruelty. The team uncovered neglect and cruelty as well as unsanitary illegal slaughter houses...
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The Wildlife Unit helping a couple of fellows accross the road.
Know the difference
Did you know: You can easily donate the points on your Smart Shopper Card to the NSPCA at the Smart Shopper terminals inside each Pick n Pay
Many species of tortoises are increasingly threatened by illegal collecting for the pet trade. When transported outside of their natural range and climate, many tortoises usually die. This is partly because they are adapted to a specific climate and landscape, but also because each species has a very specific diet, which they typically do not receive when they are kept as pets, by...
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~Happy Wildlife Wednesday!~
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