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Dairy farms in the Eastern and Western Cape were recently inspected by a Farm Animal Protection Unit Inspector accompanied by local SPCA Inspectors and even an Inspector from another animal welfare organisation to gain more experience with farm animal inspections.

Written warnings were issued to some of the farms where contraventions of the Animals Protection Act (71 of 1962) were apparent...
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The Farm Animal Protection Unit inspects farm animal facilities across the country, including but not limited to abattoirs.

A National Inspector recently conducted inspections in the Western Cape and followed up on a warning issued to an abattoir towards the end of 2016 for contraventions of the Animals Protection Act (71 of 1962) and Meat Safety Act (40 of 2000). During the follow up...
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A Farm Animal Protection Unit Inspector recently conducted inspections at various facilities in the Eastern Cape including prison farms. Two prison farms were inspected and a written warning was issued to one of the prisons to rectify concerns or contraventions of the APA.
All prisons in South Africa produce their own food (meat, dairy, eggs and vegetables) and those prisons without farms...
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CONGRATULATIONS to Officials at OR Tambo International Airport for their diligence in intercepting and seizing over 260 Donkey Skins which were destined for the Far East. You make us proud! Thank you
Dog Fighting is a cruel and illegal activity, driven by blood-lust and greed. It is prevalent in all levels of society, it could be happening in your neighbourhood!

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POPCORNING is that quick hopping up and down, and happens when your guinea pig is excited. It is usually accompanied by mad wheeking (sound made by guinea pigs). This behaviour also usually turns humans into smiling food dispensers.

A NOSE BUMP is a friendly hello, between guinea pigs or even between guinea pig and human. This is the guinea pig...
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Love your pets enough to leave them at home. They may give you the “puppy-dog-eyes” or the “long-lip”, they may even raise the roof with their shrieking yelps or constant barking, bottom line is these are just ploys to get you to crave in.

You leave them home when you go to work, when you go visiting, eating out or on a romantic picnic so why is the shopping centre, bank or dentist any...
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The Wildlife Protection Unit helping tortoises, throughout South Africa, from potentially dangerous situations.
Our feel good story for this Wild Wednesday-

Ria Van Der Lith and her husband were traveling to Kimberley when they spotted a large tortoise in the middle of the road. Knowing that someone needed to help him out of harms’ way, they immediately stopped, picked him up and placed him on the other side of a fence next to the road, so that he could not end up in the same, dangerous circumstance...
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The NSPCA is opposed to racing in any form and we commend the legal prohibition of dog racing!

There are a number of cruel acts that are carried out when dogs are used for racing: from breeding to cruel and harsh training methods to taking advantage of their prey drive and making use of live animals as bait to the use of performance enhancement drugs and the disposal of the dogs when they are...
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