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The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces yesterday ushered us into a time of strong New Beginnings! This Eclipse was especially powerful because it took place in Pisces-- the final sign of the zodiac. Find out how your spirit guides can help you harness the power of this eclipse throughout the rest of Pisces Season!

Out with the old and in with the new! Special thanks to The Mer Priestess for...
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3 Spiritual Guides to Work with During Pisces Season
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✨The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces takes place TODAY at 9:58am EDT! We are on the verge of a big shift... this is a time of powerful New Beginnings & an end to everything that has been holding you back! ✨

Many blessings to you during this magical time! Check out this video for more info:
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Have you ever wondered what 'Karma' is all about? Do you feel stuck in patterns that are leaving you feeling unfulfilled?

Check out this awesome article by Cathleen O'Connor, Soul Expressions to find out how you can Shift YOUR Karma & create the life you've imagined for yourself! <3 [ Link ]

3 Ways to Shift Your Karma
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Happy #SelfLoveSaturday! What's one thing you can do today to show yourself some love? You deserve it!
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This Sunday 2/26 at 6:58am PST, we will experience a Solar Eclipse in Pisces! This is a time of powerful change & new beginnings, as the Eclipse intensely magnifies the impact of the New Moon! Check out these 5 reminders to find out how you can use this Eclipse to find new direction, ideas, and opportunities! This is YOUR time to shine! ✨

P.S. Spread the love! Tag a friend who could use a...
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This weekend's New Moon Solar Eclipse will cause an incredibly powerful 888 activation!

-The Sun and Moon will be at 8° in Pisces.
-Feb 26 is an 8 Universal Day.
-2017 is the 17th year which reduces to 8.

The number 8 is an infinity symbol, marking the infinite possibilities this eclipse is opening! It encourages natural balance and EMPOWERS you to take control of your own destiny! (888 is...
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✨Do you ever feel that you are so, SO close to achieving your dreams, if only you could stop sabotaging yourself? Did you know that your instinct to self-sabotage may come from a past life experience? Watch below to find out what has been holding you back and how YOU can use a Powerful Crystal Grid to clear it all away!✨

Special thanks to Patricia Missakian from the Akashic Records Institute...
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✨The New Moon Solar Eclipse this weekend ushers in a time of Powerful New Beginnings! ✨

This Solar Eclipse is special because it takes place in Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac so it's also a time for Big Endings-- you may be feeling pushed and pulled in a million directions this week! Now is the time to release the things that have been holding you back and re-focus your energies on new...
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Your Pisces Solar Eclipse Wealth Forecast is here!

This Sunday, February 26th, a Solar New Moon Eclipse will take place at 9:58 am EDT (2:58 pm in London, 6:58 am Pacific.) We are already feeling the impact of this powerful astrological event, bringing with it a triple 8-8-8 activation of internal strength & fortitude. Watch below to find out more about this time of Big Endings & powerful...
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Your Astrology "Quick Bites" for the week are here! Simply scroll down to your zodiac sign to find out what the coming week has in store! <3 [ Link ]

Astrology “Quick Bites” With Kelli Fox: Feb 19 – 25, 2017 (Your Week In A Nutshell)
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"One of the things you can do to deal with stress is MEDITATE. Meditation is plugging in to your Higher Mind, and LISTENING. Meditation is an amazing discipline that will bring great changes to your life if you practice it daily. Meditation lowers blood pressure; it energizes you and gives you a sense of well being; it enhances intuition and psychic abilities; and it relaxes you and relieves...
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Happy Monday! What journeys are on the horizon for you this week?
Happy Monday! Your Angel Oracle Message for the week is here! Invite your angels to guide you in choosing Message 1, 2, or 3 and move the play head to the time below to receive their loving guidance for the week ahead <3 Thanks to Elizabeth Harper Sealed With Love for this lovely video, also up on the blog here: [ Link ]

MESSAGE 1 – 0:49
MESSAGE 2 – 3:45
MESSAGE 3 – 7:10
Your Late February 2017 Astrology Forecast is here! Make sure to check this one out! TODAY the Sun & Neptune are both in Pisces, marking a truly special time -- Neptune hasn't been home in Pisces in 252 years!!

Find out how this impacts us all, and what the rest of the month has in store, here: [ Link ] Thanks to Astrological Healing for this stellar forecast! <3

Your Late February 2017 Astrology Forecast: Astrology & The Art of Meditation
Happy Friday! May you find time for some rest & rejuvenation this weekend! You deserve it
✨ Happy Pisces Season! ✨

February 19th marks the beginning of Pisces Season, ushering into 30 days of emotional power, creativity, and love! ❤ Find out 3 important ways we can ALL make the most of this loving & compassionate time below!

Don't forget to wish your Piscean friends a happy birthday, and share this video with them!
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February 16 invites you to meditate... especially on new beginnings. Your intuition inspires you to move in a surprising new direction. Mercury is sextile Mars today activating your mind as you are more driven to succeed and energized to pursue your purpose - communication with others is enhanced too!

Magical blessings are coming your way! ✨
Your Mid-February 2017 Numerology Forecast is here! <3 You may be feeling blocked & frustrated about how the first half of this month has below to find out how to say goodbye to that frustration and tap into the #3 February vibration of giving joy! :)

Special thanks to Nat's Numbers Superpower Coaching for this uplifting & revealing video! Also up on the blog, here: [ Link ]
Your Astrology "Quick Bites" for the week are here! Scroll down to your zodiac sign to find out what the coming week has in store! <3 [ Link ]

Astrology “Quick Bites” With Kelli Fox: Feb 12 – 18, 2017 (Your Week In A Nutshell)
Happy Valentine's Day! Love is all around us today with the compassionate, harmonizing & relationship oriented Libra Moon. Spend some time with the people you love today, and don't forget to give yourself a little love too!