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Michael Scott’s ride along the fences at Pukekohe in the Toyota 86 Championship was pretty rowdy, but we’re sure organizers are hoping for a quieter one at Teretonga this weekend — check it out if you’ve got a spare hour or two.

Speedworks Premier Motorsport Championship set to light up Teretonga Park circuit
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Tim from TTT Auto Engineering shares some knowledge for those of us who like to step outside the box when it comes to building cars
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Some of life's decisions are simply harder than others. You can have one set and put it on any car you wish - GO.
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Could this spell the end for the Lexus V8? What are we going to engine-swap into mini-trucks and sleepers now?

No more Lexus V8?
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Ain't no party like a Black Mark party — ex-nzpc editor, Pedey Kelly, hits the annual Black Mark Day at Nikko Circuit, Japan.

Leaving black marks: Pedey hits Black Mark Day
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International rallying is still pretty damn lawless when it comes to spectators and these two guys nearly coped it big time

The rally experience: Carlos Sainz nearly wipes out spectators
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It may already be parted out and gone, but Aaron Keach sure knows how to build an FC with a serious presence.

Weekend Warrior: Aaron Keach's SLAM IT RX-7
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What would you do if you discovered that the Pirro car inside BMW's own museum was not the genuine article and was in fact living in your own garage unbeknown to anyone? That's exactly what happened to Conrad and his DTM E30...

Everyday superhero: the lost DTM BMW E30
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Another news feed invader, Alex MacAskill's SR20SR Coupe blew up the net after hitting our cover. In case you missed the story, check it out online below.

Vitamin Circuit: Alex MacAskill's SR20SR Coupe
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We are now only 12 days out from the 4 & Rotary Promotions "OFFICIAL" Nationals! Hands up who wants a pair of weekend passes to the biggest show this summer? Simply tag the person you will take if you win, and we'll pick the lucky ass winner tomorrow!
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Pumping out some of the gnarliest international-level rally cars, we take a look inside New Zealand's own Force Motorsport

Building blocks: shed raiding at Force Motorsport
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B18C-swapped Civics will never get old, especially when they are tricked out internally and run legit wheels.

Cruise Mode: Justin Pillay's B18C-powered EG Civic
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Too busy spinning spanners yesterday and missed NAC Car Culture? Don't sweat it, the episode is available for free at the link below.

NAC Car Culture is back; watch season three unfold here!
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Check out what the boys over at NZV8 whipped together on how radiators are built and what parts can save you a lifetime of hassle.

Cool to the core: Adrad National Radiators
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Attention David Derecourt, you are this weeks Teng Tools comp winner! David has scored himself a four-drawer SV-series Top Tool Box and seven-piece screwdriver set (TT917N). If that prize would look right at home in your shed, jump onto the link below and enter the draw — there's three weeks of prizes left!

Win this four-drawer SV-series Top Tool Box, thanks to Teng Tools!
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Shout out to all the lovely ladies of New Zealand getting amongst it in the car world. Check out Amy 'MS DIVA' Frazer's chick-built S15 cruiser.

Cruise Mode: Amy Frazer's chick-built S15
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Ever wondered how to pull off a 6-second pass? Pour as much time, development, and gnarly fabrication into a car as the Abbott brothers have.

6.96: One damn quick rotang
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PBMS know how to build em tough. Possum's modified WRC WRX is nothing short of next level. Have a dig though your back issues for 222 to get the full run down.
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The argument over whats better — turbo or vtec — has raged on for years. The answer is really quite simple, why not have both?

Two-hitter quitter: Turbo B18CR Civic sedan