Oak Alley Plantation
02/17/2017 at 22:45. Facebook
Photographer Lesa Palmer shared this stunning night shot of Oak Alley Plantation. We thank you for sharing this amazing image!!!!! #OakAlley #OnlyLouisiana
Oak Alley Plantation
02/15/2017 at 21:51. Facebook
Have you ever witnessed the fog rolling off the river, covering the roots of our 300-year-old trees? #OakAlley #OnlyLouisiana #OnlyInLouisiana
Another amazing photo shared by our buddy Jeff Rease!
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Spring 2017 Photo Contest Ends

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Congratulations to the winners of our Fall 2016 Photography Contest! And, a big “thank you” to everyone who participated! We’ll be issuing a free eBook of many of the entries in the next few weeks, so stay tuned to our FaceBook page for details on how to download it!

Fall 2016 Winning Entries:

First place: Wes Waters, Oxnard, California - "Ghost Chairs"
Second place: Michelle...
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Happy birthday, Octavie Roman! Marie Therese “Octavie” Roman, second daughter of Oak Alley's Jacques and Celina Roman, was born on this day, February 2nd in 1837. Octavie lived at Oak Alley Plantation with her parents, traveling back and forth to the city until her marriage to Phillip Buchanan in 1858 at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. She died on February 16th, 1867, 30 years later.

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300 Year old Oak Trees, Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana
Almost everyone’s seen the famous view from the balcony looking out, but this week we had a unique opportunity to reverse the view! Here’s an unusual view of Oak Alley’s Big House: the second floor balcony and back door, as seen from a small lift we’re using to touch-up the paint on the Big House. #OakAlley #OnlyLouisiana
If your winter has given you the blues, come enjoy some sunshine at Oak Alley Plantation, where the weather has ranged from 60 to 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) most days so far! While you're here, you'll have a chance to learn about the US Civil War, Slavery, French Creole life, and the history of sugarcane farming! #OakAlley
Best Things-To-Do and Places To Go in Louisiana

Best Things-To-Do and Places To Go in Louisiana

We are excited to be part of this list, for sure!!! While our alley of trees is only about 300 years old (many of the other listed trees are much older), we are honored #OakAlley

The world’s oldest trees and where to find them

Several Louisiana plantations made the Top 10 list, and we're honored to be part of a wonderful list!

Top 10 Best Preserved Plantation Homes

Jean-Claude Ardila of Palm Harbor, Florida shared his image of the Oak Alley trees as part of our photography contest. Results will be announced very soon! Isn't this shot amazing? #OakAlley
Who is ready to learn some Louisiana history? Come on by for a tour, the weather has been wonderful! #OakAlley
UK magazine Essentially America covered Louisiana and Oak Alley Plantation in their Autumn edition. Focus was on things to do in Louisiana, including touring Oak Alley Plantation.

Essentially America #94 - Autumn 2016

Here's a nice variety of Oak Alley images we collected this week. Which one is your favorite photo? #OakAlley
Another nice day out here for a visit! #OakAlley
New Year's Eve in French Louisiana
{Louisiana Celebrations Rooted in Tradition, by Jane Vidrine, summarized from LouisianFolkLife.org}

In the countryside throughout the south, the New Year has traditionally been rung in by the sound of shotguns and firecrackers at midnight on New Year's Eve. Some Cajuns remember that Tit Homme Janvier (some call him Bonhomme Janvier), a snowy-bearded bearer...
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A recent visitor, Olga, sent us this stunning photograph. She shared these moving thoughts with us:

"I am a passionate traveler living in New Jersey, and I enjoy exploring and learning about the world's many treasures. This photograph captures or symbolizes the mysterious and alluring atmosphere of the path to the iconic Oak Alley mansion.

I find that the colors of the photo are unique...
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