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Oakridgers of Grade 5 recently had their PYP Exhibition to apply their PYP learnings, experience through presentations, scratch, puppet theatre and visual arts etc. A quick look at the same:
Grade 6E Oakridgers recently went on a Service as Action Trip (SAA) to a Govt. school at Kokapet to interact and teach them Maths. It was indeed a very enriching trip for them.
#Mychildtaughtme that the greatest joy in life comes from sharing with others. Geeta Damayanthi, Parent of Oakridger Advik, shares her story.

EY1 Oakridgers planned a Summative Assessment on January 9th, where they showcased their learning and made their own puppets. They presented their learning on "What they want to become after they grow up?” and it was great to see such young kids share their dreams and aspirations in life.
#Mychildtaughtme to enjoy my life to the fullest. Neha Gupta, Parent of Oakridger Yashvi, shares her story.
Promoting State Govt’s initiative of "Telangana Ku Haritha Haram", a massive afforestation drive to increase the green cover of the state to the desired level of 33% of the total geographical area, MYP Grade 6 Oakridgers planted saplings in a government school. A quick look at how Oakridgers taught about the importance of tress in our lives to the Indirangar school students.
Newton Oakridgers experienced the thrilling fun of campfire before Christmas eve along with friends, teachers and parents at the campus. Here is a glimpse of the same:
Newton Oakridgers recently went for a field trip to Hyderabad Polo Club. Here is a glimpse of the same:
#Oakridge Parenting Tip of the Day

The inquisitive learners of Grade-1 visited Bapughat on 3rd Jan, 2017 and were enlightened about Mahatma Gandhi as a real life heroes.
#Oakachiever PYP Boys bring Cricket Trophy making #Oakridge proud of them.
#Mychildtaughtme to see the world with a different view.
Komal Agarwal, Parent of Oakridger Amartya, shares her story.
Oakridge makes education more fun with its new methods of learning. Newton Oakridgers learned about Opposites during a session with lots of games, storytelling and lot more.
#Oakridge wishes you a very #HappyNewYear
#Oakridge girls won the Aga Khan Football Tournament.
Oakridge Newton organised a joy ride for the drivers to acknowledge their support they extend with their services. There were fun-filled games for them and winners were awarded prizes. As a part of Compassion building in children, it was a great initiative by school to help them learn how important all the people are in our lives, no matter what service they provide or...
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Oakridge believes in a hands-on learning approach for the Early Years to teach them new skills to boost their knowledge. A quick look at the session:
Oakridge bring innovative ideas to spread knowledge among its students. The idea of role play as an effective learning tool for the children was used recently for the EYP students to help develop skills and positive attitude in them towards others.