Oakridge Newton has recently conducted another Student Led Conference for the Grade I students. While parents trooped into the classrooms, students enthusiastically participated in taking the leadership role and responsibility for their learning. #Oakridgeinternationalschool
“What my kids have learned from the school” is the question that every parent must ask. Oakridge makes it happen by involving parents in their children's learning and has recently conducted a Student Led Conference for the EY2 students of Newton campus. Here are some of the pictures from the conference as they take a step ahead towards the leadership role. #Oakridgeinternationalschool
Addressing the artistic side of students and bringing the film-making talent out, Oakridge Newton recently conducted a drama class session for Grade V students. The wannabe film-makers learned the basics of film-making and honed their skills by making their own short films. #Oakridgeinternationalschool
#Oakridge Parenting Tip of The Day

Have give-and-take conversations with your child. It helps you understand what your child learns from everyday life.
What an outstanding event! Here are a few pictures to take a look back at all the action that happened across the #CASnival event. #Oakridgeinternationalevent
FACT ABOUT EDUCATION - The most highest-altitude school is situated in Phumachangtang in Tibet at a height of 5,373 meters above sea level. #Oakridgeinternationalschool
‘Children learn what they live.’ Involving students to learn from the real-world, Oakridge Newton Campus recently took EY2 students for another field trip to the wafer factory for experiential learning. The little ones learnt the process of making wafers and observed how much hygiene is being maintained in a food factory. #Oakridgeinternationalschool
A wonderful picture from the Skating session that happened at #Oakridge Campus. CAPTION THIS IMAGE #Oakridgeinternationalschool
#CASnival event is scheduled to take place today at the #Oakridge Newton Campus from 4 p.m. onwards. Our visionary Minister Sri. Kalvakuntla Taraka Ramarao (K.T.R) will be the honourable chief guest at the event.
Join us for #CASnival on 17 March, 2017 at the #Oakridge International School, Newton Campus from 4 p.m. onwards for a good cause to support where creativity, activity, and service meets fun.
Join us for CASnival on 17 March, 2017 at the Oakridge International School, Newton Campus from 4 p.m. onwards for a good cause to support where creativity, activity, and service meets fun.
#Oakridge Parenting Tip of the Day
Experiential learning is a critical part of the teaching methodology followed at Oakridge, wherein kids learn concepts through various stimulating interaction like field trips, poetry, music, drawing and expert interactions. In line with this, Oakridge International School organized a productive field trip to the Biscuit Factory for the students of EY2. To enlighten the on-going unit “How the...
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Pi Day is an annual celebration marked on March 14 to represent the constant ‘pi’ in Mathematics with the symbol ‘π.’ Founded by the great physicist Larry Shaw at the San Francisco’s Exploratorium, it all got started in 1988. The Exploratorium then continues to celebrate the creation of Pi on the March 14 every year. “It’s celebrated on March 14th (3/14) to represent the constant in...
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Oakridge wishes you a colorful life filled with happiness !
The Art Department of Oakridge International School Newton campus invites you to "An Artistic Avenue" , an art exhibition by IBDP Oakridgers. Witness some of the artistic marvels on display by our innovative Oakridgers on March 17th & 18th , 2017 at Telangana State Gallery of Fine Arts.
This women's day , we wish to look at the millions of boys who may be now growing up in conditions or environment that could influence them to treat women in-equally in this world. And it is here that lies the root of the problem. For this very boy goes onto tilt the imbalance between men and women in this world a little more further.

So this women's day , let us address the root cause and...
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Oakridger Mohd Raza won the Bronze medal at the Taekwondo Inter-school Championship held recently in Hyderabad.