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"It was f**king biblical."
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"We were at Abbey Road and we’d won everything at the MTV awards and they were in London…. We were due to go and collect about four awards… We left Abbey Road, we stopped off at the Warrington Castle in Maida Vale for a drink, and then about 4 hours later somebody said “Weren’t we going somewhere?”"

Noel Gallagher recounts an MTV awards win

'Be Here Now' Chasing The Sun edition out 14th October 2016. Pre-order: https://Oasis.lnk.to/BHN Subscribe Here: Youtube: https://Oasis.lnk.to/YTsub Vevo: ht...

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Great (English) interviews from Noel, Craig Gill, Brian Cannon and John Robb plus classic band/gig footage in this excellent Swedish documentary, SVT’s "History Of The Hit- Don’t Look Back In Anger". RIP Craig Gill.

Hitlåtens historia - Don't look back in anger

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#TBT to 'Magic Pie' taken from Oasis' 'Be Here Now' tour at London's Earls Court, September 26th 1997.
The night's setlist went as follows:
• Be Here Now
• Stay Young
• Stand By Me
• Supersonic
• Some Might Say
• Roll With It
• D'You Know What I Mean?
• Magic Pie
• Don't Look Back in Anger
• Wonderwall
• Live Forever
• It's Gettin' Better (Man!)
• Champagne Supernova
• Fade In-Out
• All Around...
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Oasis - Magic Pie (Earls Court 1997)

Oasis performing "Magic Pie" live at Earls Court, London, England, September 26, 1997.

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Last chance to enter our competition to win the full SIGNED collection of hardback coffee table books from the 'Chasing The Sun' limited edition super deluxe box sets. All three books are signed by Liam and Noel and aren't available to purchase individually anywhere! The competition closes at 10am Friday 25th November, so get entering below. Good luck!

Win the full set of SIGNED 'Chasing The Sun' books!

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"SUPERSONIC exposes the heart and soul and madness of OASIS" – NME * * * * *
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Huge competition... We have the full set of 'Chasing The Sun' books SIGNED by both Liam & Noel up for grabs.
The 3 hardback coffee table books are taken from the 'Definitely Maybe', '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?' & 'Be Here Now' limited edition super deluxe box sets and are not available individually anywhere! Click below to enter the competition.
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Win the full set of SIGNED 'Chasing The Sun' books!

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“You can’t just turn up at a hotel and put a Rolls Royce in a swimming pool for nothing... The mad thing about that sleeve is it looks photoshopped, because the Rolls Royce looks too small. In actual fact, that Rolls Royce really is in that pool – it took us two days to put it in". (Brian Cannon)

[ Alternativenation.net Link ]

10 Mind-Blowing Stories About Oasis’ Cocaine Fueled ‘Be Here Now'

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"If you weren't craving an Oasis reunion before, then this will have you begging for it." - Leonie Cooper, NME
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"They are the best rock band since Lennon and McCartney"

Metallica and Smashing Pumpkins talking about Oasis (1997)

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Fresh up on Spotify: Regular Oasis’ tour DJ Phil Smith’s pre-gig playlist, played at Manchester's G-Mex on the Be Here Now Tour, December ‘97!
Here’s the original mixtape cover. Enjoy!

(Note - not all the tracks are available on Spotify but we’ve replicated the playlist as closely as possible to the original tracklisting)

[ Spotify.com Link ]
11/02/2016. Facebook
Did you catch Noel's full length interview, where he discusses intimate details of the recording and writing of 'Be Here Now'?
The remastered album is out now, with special formats including the long awaited Mustique Demos plus other rarities and live recordings. Have a listen or download the album here: [ Oasis.lnk.to Link ]

Oasis - Noel Gallagher On 'Be Here Now' The Album (Interview)

Noel Gallagher discusses the 'Be Here Now' album 'Be Here Now' Chasing The Sun edition out now! Get it now: https://Oasis.lnk.to/BHN Subscribe Here: Youtube:...

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Oasis - Supersonic [Blu-ray]

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"Can you imagine an Oasis set without the swirling Beatles homage ‘All Around The World’, ‘Stand By Me’ or the bruised beauty of ‘Don’t Go Away’? Us neither. It’s a bombastic, overblown and perhaps over-produced album, but it’s also what makes ‘Be Here Now’ great".
'Be Here Now’, Chasing The Sun: 1993-1997 Edition is available across all streaming services! Have a listen here: [ Oasis.lnk.to...
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Oasis - Be Here Now

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You can now attend special fan-generated, crowdsourced screenings of the film, or create your own one, through Ourscreen. Ourscreen lets you control your local cinema... Just pick your cinema, select a date and time, and invite your friends.
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Last chance to visit the massively successful Oasis Manchester Exhibition! Doors close for the final time at Old Granada Studios 7pm tomorrow. 7pm is also the cut off time to order your limited edition Pete Mckee Art Manchester Exhibition poster online. Don't miss out! [ Oasisinet.com Link ]
10/24/2016. Facebook
Thanks to all who helped 'Be Here Now' achieve the number 1 spot in last week's Official UK Charts Vinyl Album Chart!
You can get hold of the vinyl version of the album over on Oasis' official store alongside other album versions. Check out track listings and bonus content over here: [ Oasis.lnk.to Link ]

Oasis' classic Be Here Now claims Number 1 on the Official Vinyl Albums Chart

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"Go to pub, meet friends, go to off licence, purchase booze, go to park, find a spot, lie back, hit shuffle, listen, feel righteous" (NG)
Listen to Noel's newest playlist exclusively over on Apple Music

Noel Gallagher: Indian Summer Shuffle by Apple Music Rock on Apple Music